General Who Will Win The Premiership 2022

It's that time of the year, post the origin rounds, when teams should be well set in their patterns, form is more consistent and the injury and suspension front is more a known known rather than a total gamble. Smart money is on the Panthers to repeat but with their halves gone for the time being it's certainly no done deal. I'm getting a feeling in my bones it will be the Roosters, they tend to fire late, and run from behind - and that team is stacked, really. Some are discussing the Raiders as smokeys, and they're all over-excited imo - I think the Cowboys could do it though, I wouldn't be sad at that outcome.

Warriors for 12th - wouldn't be sad at that either.
As it stands hard to see anyone beating Penrith but injuries and suspensions always play a part. If they were to lose jfh or Yeo that would bring them back to the pack a bit.
On the flip side the roosters and storm have both had pretty injury riddled season but are starting to get some players back and have brought in some reinforcements too so I’d see them as the biggest threats.
Don’t think cowboys, sharks, raiders or eels are quite there and might struggle come finals time when the big guns step it up a notch.
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Can't see many beating the Panthers, just hope the halves bring back that cohesion straight away when they are back in time for the finals.
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honestly, it depends on how the refs are going to ref the finals. If they ref like the regular season - hard to see the Panthers not being there.

If the refs ref it like origin, aka fewer penalties, fewer set restarts, slower ruck speed... it brings the roosters, sharks and storm back into it.
I think the Panthers are going to take it out but I don't like it when teams go back to back; I recognise it is a huge accomplishment but its just lame.

I will be rooting for the lower ranked side in every match-up through the finals (Who doesn't love an underdog)

Listed in order of who I would want to win the least.
1. Panthers
2. Roosters
3. Storm
4. Sharks
5. Broncos
6. Eels
7. Raiders
8. Rabbitohs
9. Cowboys

Listed in order of how high I think their chances are.
1. Panthers
2. Cowboys
3. Eels
4. Rabbitohs
5. Sharks
6. Storm
7. Roosters
8. Broncos
9. Raiders
I'd say the Raiders, as my second team, but think they're a bit too far off.

I'm hoping for a Panthers-Cowboys Grand Final. I'd be leaning just for the Cowboys, there. Good to see Todd win it.

I'd like to see a new team win it, so maybe the Eels could make it (as they're the team with the longest title drought), but they're looking a bit vunerable at present so my money's certainly not going in their direction.

I'm leaning for Penrith if they're up against anyone else. I don't mind the back-to-back thing, I don't go for the "But it's someone else's turn!" argument. It might well be, but that someone else has to be good enough. If they're not, why is that the defending champion's problem?

The Broncos winning it would be great for Kevin Walters given last year, but I can't see it.

The Rabbitohs are a bit of smokey but I don't think it's their year.

Same with the Roosters.

Absolutely hope the Storm and Sharks bomb.

WA supporter

I’d like to see Eels or Raiders. Neither have won since 94 and early 80s respectively.
It’s seriously open this year.
Penrith despite their impressive record could lose two on the bounce. The Eels have their number.
As Parramatta was where I lived and worked in Sydney,I have to point out 1986 isn’t the early “80’s. Parra v Canberra for me
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Cowboys current group and coach have no playoffs experience

Roosters got this. Getting to the point now where it looks like they lose the first two games of the season on purpose. Obsessed with peaking late.
Addition of lodge will be huge for them in playoffs.

Panthers are easy to shut down. Just blitz Cleary every play. Every play. He is their offence all by himself. Incredible player and probably the Daly M half of the next 5 years but they depend on him too much.

To the person who wondered about the reffing it will be origin reffing. No similiarities to regular season. If Warriors make the playoffs next year we are in for a rude shock.
Panthers are easy to shut down. Just blitz Cleary every play. Every play. He is their offence all by himself. Incredible player and probably the Daly M half of the next 5 years but they depend on him too much.
Panthers are 5/5 without Cleary this year.

They're definitely better with him, but unlike last year, they're better at dealing with his absence this season.
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Anyone but the Sharks.
Storm are cooked.
Panthers might be underdone if they win week one and get week 2 off.
Cowboys looking good
Broncos will trouble sone but not a threat, yet
Roosters could cause trouble
Parra look good but not great
Rabbitohs - see Parra
Raiders - outside chance to make the 8
Put a line through Manly and anyone else.

Panthers v Sharks/Cowboys/Parra