Recruitment Who Should The Warriors Sign For 2018/2019?

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Has anyone else seen Brad Campbell play? The 19 year old halfback for Canterbury who’s on TV now. Doesn’t look too bad, nice passing game

1-Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
2-Fijian kid

Big Ken to the pack.

Going to be a Superstar this Joseph Manu kid.

Been a big fan of Joseph Manu for a long time. Never doubted his ability on attack, but have had questions about his defence. His defence in last night's game was outstanding. Scary to think how good he could be when you consider he's still only 22.

I wonder what kind of relationship he has with Peter O'Sullivan? Would love it if O'Sullivan pursued him when he comes off contract and uses that Roosters connection.


watched him play queensland cup a few weeks ago

the dude can hardly run now. back in the day, massive guy and had some skills

now he is atleast 20kgs heavier, as in fatter and doesnt look like his heart is in it
You are talking about Dave Taylor?o_O His gut is massive:eek:. The Matty Johns crew got into trouble for poking fun at him on TV.
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