General Who should be captain next year?

Just on co-captains things at Penrith seem to be humming along with Cleary and Issac Yeo at the helm.

Roosters started the season with Jake Friend and Boyd Cordner as co-captains (now both retired lol)

Been plenty examples of it working just fine and probably just as many where it doesnt......depends on the club i guess.

Not something i would just dismiss tho.
Won’t be Shaun Johnson after 2018/19… only possibility is if others turn it down. There’s a reason he wasn’t even in the leadership group.
Interesting post Wizards. Very interesting

I would be concerned if were setting Shaun up for failure or back biting by naming him captain.
On the other hand he seems to be a strong leadership presence at the sharks

I saw a match earlier this year. Sharks vs Penrith with Penrith winning 28 to zero at half time and on their way to a 50 to zero inevitable drumming.
they showed sharks dressing room at half time. Guess who did all the talking? It wasn’t the coach…
after the resumption the sharks used shauns tactics and trusted his tactics.
They started to play boring one out hit ups and a good kick chase and high completion rates.
They made no attempt to get back into the match or spin it wide to score quick tries to peg back the 28 points.
The final score was 32 to zero of something like that.
The commentator was furious with sharks for playing negative football and castigated them for not trying to win.
I thought shauns advice was a master stroke as it stopped the bleeding. He realised there was no chance of a comeback against a full strength Penrith so he ordered a counter approach so they could lose with dignity and not destroy the momentum of the season.
Strong example of leadership even if his tactics didn’t lead to a victory
Who should be captain?
A discussion topic while we wait for the next match
Deliberately have not made a poll as want posts and discussion
Choices are
1 Dallin Watene-Zelezniak great mana and leadership skills
2 Tohu Harris due to his seniority
3 Shaun Johnson because it's time for him to lead this team
4 Addin Fonua-Blake because he is the pack leader
5 Euan Aitken because not a bro for those who value that reason
6 Jazz in the hope the captaincy will knock some responsibility into him. Is already part of the leadership group
7 LAM as a dark horse option. Experienced campaigner
8 insert other option here ?

Haha I assume the last 4 are just to pack the list out. I think Tohu Harris is probably the obvious choice. Shaun Johnson probably second based on him being on the field for 80. I think it'd be less than ideal to have your captain play in 20-25 minute bursts. Not to say there hasn't been some good front row captains in the past... Tohu Harris may be another one by the sounds of it .... but he's an 80 minute machine.
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I don't think it matters too much. I prefer we go with a lotto Powerball type draw after the team is named to decide who is captain for the round.
that's genius, confuse the ref's, get's my vote.......

"Sir, that's a rough call, they are always offside".....Ref:" please let you captain raise this with me, Chanel"..."Sir I am the the Captain, I picked the correct bonus ball this week"....

A different captain each week may actually instill some discipline in the team...along the lines of, I wouldn't want this to happen when I'm Captain.

Shaun Johnson can do the media he can string many words together that make sense.
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Has to be someone close to the action (middle of the field) who plays the full 80 minutes or close to.
So Dallin is out, too far away.
Tohu Harris is a really quiet guy, he speaks softly and you have to press hard to get a word out and seems too kind to give the tough team talk.

So Shaun Johnson and Addin Fonua-Blake or Lodge fit the bill.

If you want someone who understands the momentum of the game and how to change your own momentum then I am guessing you need Shaun Johnson or Egan (yeah you read right). But Egan may not be an 80 minute hooker in future.

Leaves one man standing - Shaun Johnson come on down.

Would check any candidates with the Chad test - count past 6, do you know how much a field goal is worth, if you have 8 points and you get one more how many more times does the opposition have to score to beat you?
After the game on the weekend I’ve shifted my thinking. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck is a great role model and a good guy but our team needs a hard edge to it.

I think Tohu Harris is the natural next choice but it could be more of the same.

We need a tough leader to put stamp their mark on the team. If Tohu Harris is the official captain, I want Addin Fonua-Blake and Lodge unofficially setting the standards.
Interestingly Tohu Harris was voted 3rd biggest sledger in the players poll... so the what we see in the public of Tohu Harris is quite different to the on field Tohu Harris...
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Shaun Johnson is hands down the best choice, has been for 6 seasons or so.
He's in the thick of it directing the team, is ultra competitive and has a fourth brain. He's also a talking half and should be respected as the best player in the team unlike the lack of respect previous rosters had for him..
Would be a good choice and possibly add tohu Harris as co-Captain for off field leadership.
Johnson has to be Captain
I actually agree with this, he may be the only one at the club that can tell players where to be on the football field, and actually has the temperament to tell players to pull Finger! I don't think Tohu Harris is like that?

Of course this will never happen but man! They need a real leader in thier ranks and I'm not so sure the club has it.
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I actually agree with this, he may be the only one at the club that can tell players where to be on the football field, and actually has the temperament to tell players to pull Finger! I don't think Tohu Harris is like that?

Of course this will never happen but man! They need a real leader in thier ranks and I'm not so sure the club has it.

When Johnson was mic'd up a few years back it sounded like he had captaincy written all over him.
Especially giving it to Fusitua when he 1st came into the team.
Tohu Harris for me.
Captains set standards, lead by example and have to be a straighty 180 imo.
Leadership on the field is your half-back hooker. Like running plays and field position stuff.
Talking to the ref is overrated imo. Barely effects anything.
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There’s talk he’s treading water with us until Brisbane 2 comes along- if that’s the case I’d want someone with more stake in the club
Fair enough. Maybe Lodge was worried he'd be another Chad Townsend - announce he's going to another club and then he's playing for Souths Logan until his contract ends...
I don't mind that motivation for being here, just as long as he gives the club 100% while he's here.

Still plugging for the captaincy going to a player without too much on his mind already. So, as Kosi appears to have nothing on his mind....
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