General Who is responsible?

Who should take ownership of our results?

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Just another day in paradise
It looks like what was intended to be a fairly straightforward question has confused a lot of people.

Should I will take ownership for not being clear enough? or should i blame the audience for not being smart enough to understand the question?. Or the admin for not deleting this thread?

Maybe another poll is needed...
Tough question to answer ... but I'll chuck my 20c worth in

I have noticed when their contracts are up for renewal. Even the worst players grow an extra leg and play out of their skin..

So put in the contracts certain clauses where if you want the money you earn it... makes everyone accountable cause your gone next year if your not... some how I think the Agents have too much influence on clubs, staff and players to satisfy their own best interests tbh...
This is absilute bullshit. We are looking for someone to blame. That is crap, we need to be looking for solutions in a positive way rather than the negative blame game of 25 years.

Like most fans here we’re dying of old age waiting for that Premiership to materialise.

Mostly due to the process changing every few years with each new coach etc.. and the team acquiring the best-of-the-rest of NRL leftovers that are looking for a nice retirement plan..

I’m a patient man but another 25 years of this seems like a life sentence.. 😜
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