General Who is our backup GK?


So who is it? If Witt gets a season ender tomorrow (or next year), who kicks?
My initial thought would be ravs or fien?

This is also assuming we don't bring back tony martin.

One other thing, who will be the captain in 09?
Michael Luck springs to mind, other than him...?


The only other person who does some goal kicking is Hohaia

as for captains...unfortunately no one really stands out in that catagory just yet


im pretty sure they will bring in hohaia if witt is out.

as for captain my prediction is sam rapira!


With the present bunch Simon Mannering but dont rule out Brent Tate. kicker the only one at present has to be Lance.


Lance annoys me as a player, he may very well be an average to good kicker. I wouldn't like to see him playing for the team every week though, why? Because he is a one dimensional player. I'm not attempting to be scornful towards him, on the field he just doesn't seem to make any beneficial decisions, he's a little too apprehensive.

I'm sure Steve Price will continue to play for a while longer yet, unless he has said he doesn't want to...?

Otherwise Raparia or Mannering.


Captain for the 2009 season?!?!?!?! I have heard of getting ahead of ourselves but I think we have set a new record here!

Joe 90_old

Hohaia/Tuimivave - backup goalkickers

Rapira - Captain (unless SBW is off contract by then)


Tuimavave would be our best kicker after Witt by a long shot. The only question is how much time he spends on the field.

Failing that we're down to part timers like Fien and Hohaia.


The club is short of a kicker or two 2008 onwards:

Witt - great kicker. If he has a bad injury or his form slumps we could be in trouble. His goal line drop outs are invaluable as well.

Lance - very average and not able to hold down a top grade spot

Evarn - as mentioned before not on the field enough. Needs to practice over the off season as he could play a part

Fien, Ropati - Real part timers. I'd suggest like Evarn they practice over the off season

Buckingham - not a first grade candidate

Is there anybody else i.e. a Isreal Folua or Kristian Inu in the squad somewhere?


It is something to look into that's for sure, never really thought about it till now