General Who is Matt Rua?


from the looks of thtings he was training with them. I am pretty sure he isn't signed to the warriors but I could be wrong.


Wiki said:
Bulldog said:
I've come to the conclusion that there are some members of this board who have not been league followers for long...and there's nothing really wrong with that.

I haven't been.

I have only been seriously following the Warriors for perhaps the last 3 years. I watched games as a kid, but can't remember much. I remember having posters all over my wall though. I started watching again around 2001, although not very seriously and then its slowly built from there.

Last two seasons I wouldn't miss a game.

..good on ya mate :wink:


I was pretty certain that we did sign matt Rua before season 2005...or was that just the rumour going around at the time? :?


Jesbass said:
I was pretty certain that we did sign matt Rua before season 2005...or was that just the rumour going around at the time? :?

No, that was just a rumour. He was attending Warriors training at the
invitation of Tony Kemp but it moved no further than that.

I suspect Ivan may have furthered the invitation....but that's only
a guess.


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Tajhay said:
matt rua was in the warriors squad ages ago wasnt he....maybe played a few games before he was released...was average...then went to storm and became a integral part of their team week in week out. voted best tackler heaps of times. he could really hit.

i remember a few people mentioned he was back in auckland and would sign for the warriors last year. could be a handy pickup. would be 30/31?
how long ago was this i dont remmember him lol


he has won a premiership with the Storm, played alongside with Tony Martin in the 1999 winning side.

da mad maori

Matty was/is a tough rugged bugga. But that was 10 years ago when he peaked. I dont think he could come back after being outa the game for so long. The thing is with Matty and Clinton, and a few others, past reputations is just that.
Nah, I wouldnt' have him in my team.


I was a huge Storm fan in their first few years. They had some of the best kiwi talent playing NRL.

Tawera Nikau
Matt Rua
Stephen Kearney
Richard Swain

I think he might be a bit past it though, Richard Swain wouldn't be a bad buy.


yeah i know, he was meant to retire at the end of this season wasn't he? before extending his stay for 1 year? Good on him and Hull


IanR said:
Wiki said:
What is he doing in a Warriors jumper?

Maybe the Bartercard teams get chances to train with the Warriors.

If they don't, they should.

Yeah, I was thinking that. It would be a good experience for some of them.

OR Cleary could just be inviting some family members along to the trainings.


Despite his lack of conditioning I have been impressed by Rua when watcing the Rangers play. If Awen departs Matt Rua would be a good and cheap purchase. Do Canberra still have 1st option on him as he walked out on the club?


Here is the official word from NZ Herald

The Warriors have had former Storm and Kiwi second rower Matt Rua at training in recent days but he is far from the fitness required for a return to the NRL.

Rua made a return to the game with the Waitakere Rangers in Bartercard Cup this season after dropping out of the NRL in the 2002 season and then working as a development officer for his old club the Waitemata Seagulls.