General Which Came First - The Chicken Or The Egg?

I've just finished a discussion with Council about a retaining wall which is to be built on a future boundary between two properties owned by the same person and the discussion is very similar to the chicken/egg debate.

The Council's rules state that a retaining wall built on a boundary needs a Resource Consent including the permission of the next door neighbour.

The problem is that this is a new subdivision of an existing property where a house is to be built on a section which doesn't exist yet - and therefore the boundary doesn't exist yet. With the new section being under 400m², the house has to be built before the title for the section can be applied for and before the house can be built, a retaining wall on the future boundary needs to be constructed.

What's worse is the current resource consent allowing for the house to be built and the subdivision to occur expires in mid-February - which is not my client's fault, he's taken over the project at the last minute as the current owners have run out of money and can't continue with it. Because of the nature of the subdivision, the house needs to be built to the stage where the roof has started before the surveyor can apply for the title and this needs to be done before the resource consent expires meaning there is no time to apply for an extension for the retaining wall.

So here's the problem, the council's point of view is because the plans show a future boundary and therefore that a resource consent is needed because the wall is to be located on that boundary.

My agruement is that the boundary won't exist until after the retaining wall has been built and therefore a resource consent isn't required - the wall only needs to be designed to the strength Council requires for retaining walls located on boundaries and will be covered by the surveyor's plans when he applies for the new subdivision.

Hence, the chicken and the egg debate.

Unlike the chicken and the egg, my boundary verses retaining wall debate has been resolved with the council deciding I was right after I went over the head of the person I'd been dealing with and spoke to their supervisor who decided the retaining wall will come before the boundary.


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Arrrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! The council. I hate them most of the time (90%. There are the odd good guys there. Usually former tradesmen who actually done the work as opposed to reading all about it).

Had to build a boundary wall for a client that cost him $9,500 in resource consent. Funny thing is the wall was only $7000 odd to build! Or the time I had to have an arborist on hand fulltime to make sure no one touch one tree in the corner of our worksite. 2 weeks he was there taking photos of the tree everytime we walked past it. I didnt really care because it was all quoted for but you have to feel for the clients paying so much extra.
Well here's my theory after considerable thought and a couple of beers.

If you are religious then the order of things should look like this :

Chicken and Egg Neither came first....but of the two......?

The Egg.

At the outset the Universe it is speculated by Christian and Atheist Scientist alike ..............was a densely packed mass off matter which existed in plank time ( the closest that the laws of the universe allow us to go to zero hour / pre time )

That description of energy potential in a relatively small densely packed mass is rather egg like do you not agree ?

The big hatch / bang what ever you want to call it created the Chicken which we now call the universe ?

Ergo or eggo .........

According to Sups law the Chicken farmer came first ( the big ' G ' ) that created the egg in the first instance.

Thanks for coming......

Lecture ended ( probably in google terms some other prick has claimed the credit for Sups Laws of the Universe but i can say without a word of a lie or a phillosophy degree that that's just how I roll jks )