General Where Do You Sit At Mt Smart?


We sit in the Lower Eastern Stand in the old Lion Red Area. There is plenty of passion and a good fun atmosphere. I used to sit in the Eastern Stand higher up on halfway - company $$.

Yesterday as it was raining and very cold we moved to the Western Stand right up the back. Though sheltered and warm, there is a totally different atmosphere i.e. - no real chanting. You are also a long way from the playing field but you obviously get a better view of the whole game not having to look up at the screen when the play is down the other side.

Where do you sit and why?
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I always sit in the lower Western or Eastern stands but make the decision when I get there depending on which way the wind is blowing. Eastern is noisier for sure.


Lower East, through and through. I've been there since 1999, years before the Upper East even existed.

Back then it was Bay 37, but now it's called Bay 28. Row L, seats 3 and 4. Held those seats for over a decade, and absolutely refuse to give them up.

As for the why...sitting on the 40m line, so close to the action, gives fantastic audio - I can often hear players getting winded as they collide in tackles. Plus the atmosphere is epic. I once moved to the Upper West in torrential rain, and the view was great, but there was no atmosphere. Against the Cowboys, it pelted down with rain and I just sat there, got wet, and kept cheering...not that there was much to cheer about that day!

Plus there are plenty of folks, some new faces and some old ones, who I know by name and love to "share" the game day experience with. A couple of them have been there since I've been there, if not longer, so that certainly adds to it, too.


My folks have a couple of seats in the Lower East. I sometimes get to nab of those spots when they can't go.
Otherwise I like Upper East.. bit pricey though.


Bay 38, Upper East.

Fairly noisy our end... I get pretty loud when need be but refuse to cheer just because I'm told to...


I dont sit anywhere... But I get to go to my first game in over 15 months against the knights!


"Eastern Stand! You can make the difference!!"

Evidently someone needs to point that out to Ivan, cos I've never had someone tap me on the shoulder and say "You. Downstairs. Second row. Second half starts in five minutes!"

I paid for my ticket, give me something worth shouting about and I'll shout about it. Even some dastardly deed by the opposition or the refs/touchies.

Actually, especially some dastardly deed by the opposition or the refs/touchies

But I won't yell and scream for 17 players who don't seem to Warriors v St George/Illawarra 2004 - the most lifeless performance ever by a Warriors side IMO - actually St George/Illawarra didn't care either so that's a Oscar nominee for short film - 34 League Players Who Don't Give A ..... Worst game I have EVER been to at Mt Smart.


Haha, fair enough. I understand what you mean, but it would have to be an extremely poor effort for me not to clap every second hit up :D

I'm a sucker for the Warriors.


i dont sit at mount smart, i watch it 1km north of AMI stadium in my flat lol. great seats there!!


Moneys sake definately! the view sucks when the warriors are scoring down the north end, but its pretty cool having manu scoring right in front of you..