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May 15, 2012
Wellington, New Zealand
Jesus wept...

'Another year down the drain' - Warriors speak on failed 2019

Warriors players have not held back in their criticism. (Photo / Photosport)
Warriors players have not held back in their criticism. (Photo / Photosport)Warriors players have not held back in their criticism. (Photo / Photosport)
Jazz Tevaga admits it is another "year down the drain" for the Warriors.

Sam Lisone feels they are still missing the 'GOAT'.

Agnatius Paasi says the team can "switch off" on game day.

As the Warriors search for answers, with their finals hopes extinguished by back-to-back drubbings from the Roosters and the Sharks, the frank words from some of their younger players are refreshing.

While some of the senior men tend to spin familiar clichés, Tevaga, Lisone and Paasi didn't hold back with their verdicts.

After a positive run in June and July, the Warriors have hit a brick wall this month, conceding more than 40 points in heavy defeats against the Raiders, Roosters and Sharks.

"She's not pretty to watch," said Tevaga. "It's frustrating because we are a better team than that. It's hard to gauge how we train so well and then come out on the field and it is shit, really."

Asked why the team had nose dived over the past fortnight, Tevaga didn't fudge his answer.

"There's lot of things," said Tevaga. "Pressure on us making finals, the care for the jumper — that's gone missing, a bit of enjoyment is missing as well and there's trust issues.

"It's not just one person, it's us collectively. It was tough to find out why. We are not getting our jobs done, not doing the little things. It just compounds, it's an infection. One thing leads to another thing, [the] next thing you know we are two or three tries down and it's like 'shit, here we go again'."

Tevaga, who has featured in 20 games this year despite a persistent ankle problem, is adamant the squad was good enough.

"It's not nice because we worked so hard this year and we are a better team than that," said Tevaga. "We towelled up Manly, who [beat] the Raiders, who smacked us. We just lost in Melbourne, [then] the close games against Penrith and the Broncos (at Mt Smart), the Parra game (at Bankwest).

"It all counts. And it's just like another year down the drain, and all that hard work gone to waste."

The consistent Paasi, who will play his 100th NRL game this week, admits their inability to transfer training ground intensity to the match situation has been frustrating.

"Against the Sharks it felt like it was the same game as the Roosters," said Paasi. "When things got hard we tended to switch off. We have a good training session during the week and then come to game day it's way different."

Paasi hinted that the cumulative pressure of a season where the team has been in dogfights most weeks had taken it's toll.

"Things haven't gone our way," said Paasi. "The wins we have really had to scrap out and the losses hurt us a little bit and it builds and it builds."

"Losing Tohu [Harris] didn't help (the Kiwis forward has been out injured since mid-June). He is one of the leaders and builds his game on defence. We really get a boost off him when he is there."

For his part, Lisone lamented the absence of 301-game Warriors legend Simon Mannering.

"What's changed? We are missing the GOAT [Mannering]," said Lisone. "You don't know how good he was. All the little things and his leadership especially. Probably in the middle we haven't been as good, we have been struggling there a bit."

But all insist the squad is motivated to end the campaign on a high, starting with Friday's match with the Rabbitohs.

"We want to finish the year off well," said Lisone. "If you lose, you have that bitter taste for the whole break and you start pre-season on a low."

Though the Warriors haven't enjoyed much success against South Sydney, with last season's win in Perth their first over the Rabbitohs since 2012, Lisone has some happy personal memories.

He broke a 63-game NRL try scoring duck when he busted through in round one last year, then got his second career touchdown in the 28-24 defeat in Gosford earlier this season.

"My first try against them, [my] first try this year, some nice memories," said Lisone. "Hopefully I get one, or put my roomie Iggy [Paasi] in for one, for his big game."


1st Grade Fringe
May 19, 2012
This was a huge opportunity for us to make the 8. The standard of footy other than the top 3 teams has been below par, so in other words we didn't have to be at out very best every week to be in the running for the top 8, but no we actually were worse than sub par. We will never get another opportunity like this to get into the top 8 been average.
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Warriors 1st Grader
Sep 1, 2015
I'm obviously the odd man out here
You are mate. :wtf:
What’s wrong with us is typified by this:

Kata was one of our first choice players despite everyone seeing his issues... goes to another club and never sees first grade again.

CNK doesn’t get a chance in the top side despite everyone seeing his potential... goes to another club and is one of their top players.

Says it all about the person running the team.
That is a cannot be denied... a good question for the old lady at the member forum this year.
Besides a blimp last year we have been poor since 2012. Hearing it will take another few years is pretty disheartening.
The only positive out of this gloom. John Hart predicted this at the time when he left in disgust. So Brian Smith and POS have to be given time to get over that 7 years of poor management. However I believe that cannot be used to hide that SK is a very good assistant coach and can never take the big step.
McGregor will coach again in 2020 and one must wonder how that is the case after six years in the job and a success rate of just 47 per cent. In anyone’s language, that is not a compelling case to retain a coach, particularly one that has never had the Dragons on a consistent upward trajectory.
Heyzeuss spare me, they are gunning for Mary at 49% and SK still is only 42%...not counting the Eels effort.


Warriors 1st Grader
Sep 1, 2015
We need to identify these guy and promote them or import them from overseas. NZ unfortunately for the most part is happy being content and "chilled" out and no offence but polynesians and maori even more so.
I cannot go with that. Maori and Polynesians are not the issue themselves and RTS is proof of that. Part of it is the culture but most of it is the fact they are outstanding athletes as a racial profile and the Warrior scouts have just gone for that and don't look for the ticker inside.


Warriors 1st Grader
Sep 1, 2015
Paasis been dogshit as well after getting his contract. No internal motivation. Goal achieved - family happy, now not to get injured and keep it coming
You think so as well? The stats seem to confirm that, but take Blair as an even worse example.
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It is what it is...
Sep 10, 2012
Anybody else feeling really disillusioned with the idea of continuing to support the warriors and to a lesser degree the NRL? I know this seasons been tough and some fans are down but I'm feeling a real sense of loss with the identity of the whole club and organisation. To be honest the closest thing I can relate it to is a sense of mourning or loss akin to losing a family member or friend.

Obviously nothing that dramatic but I'm definitely at a place where I just don't care anymore. I'm coming to terms day after day that this club has lead me on for so long only to now realise that this is a shitty club with shitty people and shitty players as a result. Whatever success we've had has been short lived and inconsistent and not enough to make me feel like my support matters.

So what's the point? Why are we here? Why do we continue to support these muppets and hold out so much hope for them? Have we not realised how badly the odds are stacked against us even before we step on to the paddock? I'm all for fairy tales and under dog stories but this feels more like sadomasochism and not the good kind either.

What's wrong with us?
So you’ve just perfectly articulated exactly how I feel about the whole Warriors experience.

No - it’s not just you. A very long way from it in fact...


Warriors Bench Player
Sep 11, 2014
Our game plan seems to completely revolve around grinding out games. Our attack is a massive grind fest too. Worst of all, teams we should roll over still require a lot of effort to beat. Us actually winning probably requires more effort than any other team. It isn't sustainable over an NRL season imo.

Now that I think about it, in some ways, our game plan is a lot like the broncos in 2015 (which SK was a part of). Light pack, average attacking 2nd rowers, Corey Oates/Hodges good metres out of their 20. When their pack were dominated and their 2nd rowers not doing much they would win purely with their defence. Main differences are they had a lot more depth to their attack with Milf+Hunt going off that year and the obvious higher quality squad.


1st Grade Fringe
May 18, 2012
So you’ve just perfectly articulated exactly how I feel about the whole Warriors experience.

No - it’s not just you. A very long way from it in fact...
Wow, that's getting a little cosy. You guys might be like.. soul friends:eek:

I'm going back to my scotch, that was enough of this new age thread for me:wtf:
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Hardyman's Yugo

1st Grade Fringe
Jun 2, 2017
Lancashire, England
This grinding, process driven ‘game plan’ wouldn’t be half as bad if we had a monster aggressive pack and a couple of top gun tactical kickers. I can’t think of players less suited to it tbh

Whenever we revert, usually in panic, to an offloading game we look a different proposition altogether.

The coach has no nouse unfortunately

Boats n Hoes

1st Grade Fringe
May 14, 2012
What's wrong with us?

As far as the on field stuff goes start with turning that question around.......whats right with us?

Cause apart from a strong back 3 im comin up short in just about every other department......


1st Grade Fringe
Sep 4, 2016
Have felt like this for years Aman. I think some people are kidding themselves with SK and his Storm/Broncos secret sauce. He cant coach/improve players, he doesnt implement offensive playbook, look at the roosters and how soon they spread the ball, look at when they are in the 20 how many different stategies they use in 6 tackles. The Warriors often get excessive redzone football early on but SK has just left it up to them on how they score and they dont which is why we end up losing. If the Warriors score, our for and against looks vastly different as the opposition get staeved of the ball.

Anyway, once George let go of a lot of our good talent, and then ignorantly let go of our best player who FINALLY was playing in 6 where he should always have been, thats when I realised, there are a lot of players and staff who are completely happy Mt Smart is hard to get to, because they dont have to face the fans, and like Ive said so many times, unlike Aus teams, they dont have to face the media. So they just play without a playbook and lose, drive home and life is easy. And I dont think that is just the players after seeing what George has done this year. Of course not all staff/players are in the lose no consequence mentality. RTS is a shining example of professionalism.

As for the NRL. I have just accepted the Refs cannot get it right even with slow motion video and onfield their level of quality decisions is very low. Yet nobody cares. This is across all teams/games. And the large percentage of games are won due to penalties. And this can cost teams a place in the finals. Yet there is no accountability. If the players have to face a judiciary, so should the refs and depending on how bad the call is decides how much financial compensation to the club from the refs salary is awarded. Implement that and you would fast see an improvement in quality decisions. An example of this is the penalty against Papalii for crowding vs the Storm which basically won them the game after a field goal. He was not crowding, he gave the storm player 1m, the storm player just cold dropped it. Now I havnt seen another crowding call this season.Yet I have seen players lose the ball off opponents knees or feet, now that is crowding.

So Im passed frustrated, I have come to accept the majority of games in the NRL are not decided by the teams but by the refs. You could say, great teams should be able to overcome this but thats BS. Why should they have to and being great doesnt mean you can score say 12 points due to ref errors.

So its a bit like the WWE or whatever it is called now, its rigged more or less, its farcical. Of course the best teams usually end up near the top. But that doesnt mean they havnt lost a game due to the refs or will possibly lose a finals game due to the onfield decision quality. There is no way if the refs are unsure they should be sending decisions to the video ref with an opinion. If you are unsure you just flat out dont know for sure, send it up neutral and let the right decision be made. If you are sure then blow the flappn whistle and get on with it.


1st Grade Fringe
Sep 4, 2016
YHowever I believe that cannot be used to hide that SK is a very good assistant coach and can never take the big step.

Heyzeuss spare me, they are gunning for Mary at 49% and SK still is only 42%...not counting the Eels effort.
So very true. SK should have a senior mentor or be assistant coach. I think hes now in the mid 30s%

We need more professional Aus players that turn up to play because thats why they are paid so much money, ie professional like RTS. Because SK sure as heck cant coach intensity. Thats why the training sessions are not being transfered to game day, nobody is putting a blow torch under the game.


1st Grade Fringe
Sep 4, 2016
I liked Jazzs comments. Sounded genuine and accurate.
Hes taking accountability. Thats what professional players do. Remember when he was not so well liked. Hes such a different player now days. Makes much less mistakes. Im still not sure if Im a fan or not though due to the early games. :)


Warriors Bench Player
Apr 5, 2016
Sometimes teams come out of nowhere and win the comp, but generally it is won by a team that has been there or thereabouts for a few years - you have to build up to it. Each time we've been building it seems management sabotages it.

2001/2002 we were building, then Mick Watson questions Ali's commitment - even though he was the best second-rower in the world at the time - because he won't say winning a premiership is the most important thing to him. We cut a Warriors great and go backwards.

Then Clearly gets us to the finals four times in six years - but we don't lock him in. In his last year, we make the grand final in all 3 grades! We get excited, is this a dynasty building? No. Cleary gone. Hart gone. What do we get? Bluey, and management's b.s talk of being the "#1 sporting franchise in Australasia" - err... try winning something first... then try repeatedly winning like the Crusaders or the Storm. What follows is 6 years of failure.

Then, 2018 we have one solitary good year. Rather than build on it, management talks about how "ambitious we are to win a premiership". Apparently, we have a "premiership window opening". It's time to "re-balance our squad". So we cut another all-time Warriors great, because he won't lead us to that mythical Premiership. And for good measure, let's give away CNK, Lino, Gavet...... and we are back on the road to nowhere.

Just a history of stupid. We have a little success, but rather than building on it, we talk big, some owner/manager flexes their ego, and we go backwards. If I'm wrong, tell me I'm wrong. It's just how I see it. 2019 we should have kept going with what we had and aimed for 6th. Then 4th could have been a goal for 2020. And once you're consistently around that position you give yourself a chance to hit the jackpot one year.

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