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Apr 12, 2012
It was a moment. I couldnt sleep all week! the anticipation of it all!


The memory I had of this exact moment, which I phrased as 'what a memory' was after playing league all my known life supported by my dad who had played league all his life ( pt chev), and finally for his 70th birthday and for this first time in his life I shouted him to the GF. We both stood there at this very moment the NZ anthem was played and sang it as loud as we could along with the 20K supporters around us. One of the most proudest warrior moments of my life and definitely my dads. Don't know how long he's got to go but that's as good as it almost gets ( other than the Warriors winning the GF).
I guess I should gave explained 'what a memory' actually was
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May 7, 2012
Sydney, Australia
That was an up and down week. Living on the Northern Beaches and all. Had a lot of Sea Eagles fans bicker at me. Most of them were my friends and I knew they were joking. Things got out of hand though after a few random adults took it too far. I was meeting up with a friend and I was wearing my Warriors training shirt at the time. A few random adults came up to me and thought it would be funny to tell me to go home and never come back to Australia again. Quite funny because I was born in Australia. My father is a proud New Zealander though. I thank him for enlightening me about my New Zealand heritage. Very proud of it. I hate racism though. These eggs were wearing Sea Eagles bucket hats as well as Sea Eagles shirts. I told them to get a life. Guess they thought putting down a 16-year-old teenager at the time with racist remarks made them feel tough. What big men you are. Losers.
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May 7, 2012
Whole Family came over to mine to watch this one. We had to run two T.V.s in two separate places for everyone to be able to watch ( thank goodness for multi room , got a 2nd decoder set up for it in the Garage just for this event)

Rooms were divided into those who wanted to hear Rabs and the nine Crew.....and those who wanted Nuggets call ( both T.V.'s ended up on nine after the respective commentators build up ).

A number of Union fans in the mix, all Pro Warriors or stay home lol
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Mar 30, 2012
I wonder who's more famous in Auzzie.

John Key or Sir mad Butcher
i recongnised Sir Mad Butcher. Didnt really know what John Keys looked like :)

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