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W.A Reds rebranded... WEST COAST PIRATES

WARL launch West Coast Pirates NRL bid on Wednesday 27 Jun 2012 16:06​
#rugbyleague #nrl The Western Australian Rugby League today launched the West Coast Pirates as the new face of Rugby League in the West. It is part of the WARL's Official NRL Franchise Bid for the potential future expansion of the game.​
The presentation, held at Fraser's State Reception Centre, is an important step for the organisation as part of its drive to regain a WA team in the elite national competition. It included media, sponsors and other key stakeholders from the Rugby League community.​
Chairman Richard Campbell was pleased to finally get the announcement in the public domain.​
"We are excited with the brand and felt it time we opened it up to the community. Even though some people may question the deviation from the established Reds, our research has shown it will be a fantastic new identity for the game.​
"The Reds will always be part of our heritage. This launch comes as the second phase of our bid process after launching our Vision 2020 two weeks ago. The next phase is the completion of the actual bid document which is well in hand," Campbell said.​
Chief Executive Officer John Sackson went on to explain the decision and the process from here.​
"The brand is fresh, exciting and new to Australian sport and we believe it has a marketing edge that will be enthusiastically embraced by both our stakeholders and those new to the game.​
"While the bid process and any moves on expansion are very dependent on the Australian Rugby League Commission's strategic plan, there is an expectation that we need to be prepared and ready.​
"From our conversations with the ARLC we understand there is a willingness to develop the profile of Rugby League in Western Australia and we expect that the television rights, being negotiated at the moment, will be announced in September with the strategic plan soon after.​
"Equally important to this announcement is our message about presenting a 'whole of game' approach to our bid which ensures the local game not only survives but thrives with the introduction of an NRL license. Our statewide development of Rugby League through the grassroots club and school competitions will be tied to the success of the national team for the long term.​
"There is a genuine excitement for the game in Western Australia and we are prepared to work with the ARLC, the state government and our stakeholders to see it happen. We honestly believe it not to be a case of if, but more when this will occur. Hopefully our preparedness will assist that process," Sackson said.​
The strength of the bid is strongly supported by the WA Government through the $96 million upgrade of nib Stadium, and their willingness to see the sport grow in WA. Furthermore, there is a growing population keen to see Rugby League prosper in this state.​
The West Coast Pirates promotional campaign will be undertaken across all major media in the coming months.​
It has been made possible through the support of sponsors who are already getting behind the bid. Founding Western Reds sponsor and current WARL sponsor Cash Converters have jumped on board along with new sponsors McDonald's, Player (Racing & Wagering WA) and The Complete Group.​
All major media outlets in Western Australia have also contributed to the campaign.​
The bid process will need to reflect strong community support, and the campaign will play a key role in getting people excited and committed to the West Coast Pirates. Through the new website,, they will have the opportunity to become a supporter or be part of the Pirate Crew.​
I stole this from this other league forum i'm on, I don't know if i'm alowed to show ther name so I won't:D
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wasnt sure about the name, but the emblem looks ok and you could theme alot of things at the ground and merchandise with it. long trip for us though.


A bloke from the other forum says it looks too much like the titans.
possibly, but then there is similarities between alot of them. i think it works. there is so much they could do with the pirate branding if they get accepted of course. must be a few dollars in perth with the backing they are getting already
Fuck me are we in America, the pirates come on the western reds sounded heaps better,how many pricks sat around a table and came up with that name,I don't think Perth had any pirates,convicts maybe,but I don't think the WA convicts would go down well ether.
Fuck me are we in America, the pirates come on the western reds sounded heaps better,how many pricks sat around a table and came up with that name,I don't think Perth had any pirates,convicts maybe,but I don't think the WA convicts would go down well ether.
Google Broncos and it ain't the Brisbane lot that come up , theres a lot of USA equivalents.........
I don't think the expansion team will come out of WA,it will be the central coast bears, or another Brisbane team,,but WA is booming at the moment with the mineing, so there is probably another Nathan tinkler out there in the west that will throw a load of money at the bid hope not..because the journey from Perth and back will be a killer for the warriors.
Having the name of a sports team directly linked to the culture of their home is an idealistic fantasy. I don't want to follow a sport with names like the Miners, the Bushrangers, the Platypus and the Koalas.

The only sensible approach is to give each team a ludicrous yet suitably dangerous sounding name such as the Pitbulls, Crushers, Raptors, Devils and Hitlers.

FWIW I think the Warriors are probably the most aptly-named team in the NRL. Pity we're not particularly tough these days, and can't play.

Yeah I heared it was western Brisbane out Ipswich way,but I still think the central coast bears will get the nod over a lot of teams.

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