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The National Rugby League has confirmed that the Warriors will start 2006 within the Salary Cap based on a final audit of all existing contracts and projections.

The NRL has today also finished its review of the Warriors submissions in relation to the NRL’s penalty of four competition points and a $430,000 fine for previously revealed salary cap breaches.

After taking into account the points in the submission, the NRL has confirmed that it will proceed with the penalties as outlined to the club last week.

The Warriors had argued against the severity of the four point penalty and confirmed the efforts they had undertaken to remedy all breaches.

As a result of the NRL’s confirmation of the breach, all competition tables for the 2006 Telstra Premiership should now be adjusted to show the Warriors on minus four points.

The club has advised the NRL in its submission that it does not intend to lodge any further appeal.

“The important thing in all of this has been to ensure that the Warriors and indeed all clubs enter the 2006 competition in full compliance with the salary cap,†NRL Chief Executive, Mr David Gallop, said today.

“The Warriors management have been very professional in the way they have gone about this process and in the way they have cooperated with the salary cap auditor.

“It is important that people now allow the club, having incurred its penalty, to move forward.

“It’s also a reminder to everyone in the game of the importance that is being placed on the enforcement of the Salary Cap.

“Tonight we enter a season where every team has a genuine hope of success and that is due in very large par to the effect of the Salary Cap.â€Â
Whatever happened to that media release, saying the team that beat us in the G/F, were over the cap.
whats this?? was the roosters over their salary cap when they beat the warriors??
Now that all this salary cap business is over we can get on with the real game, playing league.
andytones said:
whats this?? was the roosters over their salary cap when they beat the warriors??

Yes. Craig Wing's contract was in excess of the cap. It doesn't really matter, though - he didn't do enough in the Grand Final to score 22 points. ;)
Yea but wasn't he the one who scored that crucial try when we were 8-6 up that turned the whole game around.
He scored the try, but the Fittler 40/20 that got them into that position was the defining play. Fittler then provided the ball that would have put just about any other player over the line as well. Wing just happened to be on the end of it.
I very much highly doubt any of the Aussie fans of all the other NRL clubs will let this lie, I'm almost certain we won't be getting any great reactions over here (not that we do anyway). But yes, it's time to just forget about it and move on with the future.
onwards and upwards guy's, let's forget about the past and look to the future, which is bright and rosey for the mighty warriors.
How a club such as the roosters or Dragons for the matter can stay under the cap is a mystery.
warriors4life said:
Now that all this salary cap business is over we can get on with the real game, playing league.

EXACTLY.....refocus on the game at hand......its up to the players now

and time for them to show the media, the NRL board, and the fan

how they have used this experience to the advantage

and do there talking, were all players should....on the feild

up the mighty warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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