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kiwi's 13-6

Wellington Grand Final was a very close game Whiti Te Ra deserved the win better organisation & discipline at the end. Basic errors in the last quarter of the game cost Wainui, like going for a ball in goal from a kick that was heading out on the full and knocking the ball on, missing touchline from a penalty kick, an giving away a penalty for a sloppy incorrect play the ball. Got to give it up to Wainui tho they were the smaller side really had a lot of heart up against some really huge players in the Whiti Te Ra side at least 5 of whom were head an shoulders bigger than anyone Wainui had on the field. Decent crowd estimate about 1200 people or so, Wainui supporters did the usual half time walk from end to end of the field, Whiti Te Ra supporters had chants going throughout the game. In curtain raiser North City Vikings got promoted to premiers next season by beating Petone, crowd was entertained by some Cook Island Drumming throughout the day, the Rugby League World Cup was on display at the game. Looks like the Commentator missed the #80 bus from Wainui to Petone or maybe that group of mates were to illuminated to ride the bus they profit from? Below is a link to the Dominions Posts Match report.
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I looked at the Wellington Rugby league web site today. There are two Men's grades with a total of 16 Teams and one Women's grade with a total of 5 teams.

This matches the North Wellington Football Club which plays out if Johnsonville who also have 16 Men's and 5 Women's teams. So the total of Wellington Senior Rugby League players equals one Wellington Football Club. Rugby league in Wellington is as good as dead.
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