Support/Announcement Website downtime


Just giving heads up that the site may be down for a period of hours to 1-2 days sometime this weekend. Will try to keep downtime as low as possible. You will get a notice that the site is going through an update when it is actually happening. If the site does go down and is totally inaccessible, then you can get updates via

This is due to a large forum software update, which includes updating all associated addons/style that we use.

Things may(will) look awkward for a while, as certain functionality is updated/retired/added and will be done in chunks prior to the start of the season so please be patient. Will be trying to keep look and feel as similar as possible.

Couple of examples
1) The post editor menu is revamped and will look like :

compared to what it looks like right now:

2) Forum Listing of latest threads/posts is replaced with another addon and will look like this (yes i know the prefix icons look off right now)

compared to what it looks like right now:

The update brings a large number of features in the core of the forum software and hopefully you guys enjoy the new features, which i will detail once each feature is enabled. Some new things to look out for:

Progressive Web App
Essentially an installable app on your device with notifications/badging and more mobile specific interactions. It will look exactly like an app. Apple does not confirm to industry standards so users of Safari on MacOS or IOS based browsers will be disappointed.

Activity Summary Emails
Digest of posts/threads since last visit if opted in

Username Change Requests/User Profile Banners
Users will be able to request username changes via their account rather than currently where we get messages or posts about it. Similarly you will be able to 'decorate' your profile page...if you desire.

Guests will be able to post before registering
We have a large number of lurkers who just visit the site as guests and do not input their thoughts. This is a way to encourage new users, and as always please make new users welcome, as you guys currently do.

Post Editor Update
The Post editor (reply box as some of you call it) is streamlined with less buttons and cleaner look. The update is actually more powerful than that, and there will be no more malformed replies i.e. when [/Quote] appears in posts. GIPHY Support, better attachment integration, and better layout management including preview. So if you choose to write a post with headings, lines, images aligned or floated to either side, you will be able to do so.

Search Enhancements
Your search results will be better, faster, and there will be auto fill of commonly used words/names as you type. Same will apply to creating new thread titles. Additionally, related threads to which you are on will automatically be shown at the bottom of the page.

There is a lot more, and will cover it at a later date. But yeah, just be patient (this is taking an awful lot of time so users who wish to raise our ire by wasting our time moderating during offseason need to be extra careful. No hesitation in giving bans. It is not fair to majority of the users to plaster the recruitment threads with alerts saying do not post off topic rubbish (and we hate doing that), so to those that do continue to do so, do that at your own risk. No warnings. No leniency.)


Just an update (on the update).

There are still quite a few things broken from the upgrade and am working through those. If you spot anything weird/broken, please feel free to message me so that they can be added to the list of things to be fixed.

Once those items have been ironed out, we will be enabling some additional new functionality and will document how to use them on this thread.