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Nov 3, 2012
I've been the clubs' designer since 2016 and we update it 2-3 times a week with news, articles and video. I design and re-do the creative for the site, membership site and merch site before every season.
Cool bro,

I more or less just go to the teams to be honest.
That's about it.
Bit ignorant to be honest,I admit it.

No disrespect to your work.
Just your typical expect to much supporter.


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May 13, 2012
Hi all,
We have updated the site to match the official colours of the Warriors for 2020 (Blue/Green/Red/White/Black).

Thanks to all that have helped test and provide feedback over the past few weeks.

There are bound to be many more changes that are required so if you see anything that looks strange, please post on here with preferable a screenshot so we an iron out any issues before the start of the season. Also please provide information on what device/browser you are using when the issue occurs.

Understand that the new look may not be to everyones taste, but we are trying to bring the styles more in line with the official colours that the club uses.

As always, if you have any feedback to make the site more user friendly, please let us know.

A few things have been added to enhance the user experience which i will outline before the start of the season.

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