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From Todays MAIN GAME..Union Section Daily Telegraph...

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NZ Test Fullback Brent Webb is the latest NRL Star to reveal he is open to Rugby Union Offers.

Despite playing all his senior career with the Warriors and 10 tests for the Kiwis, the 25 year old was born in Queensland making him eligible for any of Australia's Super 14 franchises.

Webbs name has been whispered in circles as a potential convert.

The player told Main Game last night: " I don't know where that might have come from but I am coming off contract at the end of the season so I am looking at all my options".
it means zip.

half the nrls players would have been discussed in union boardrooms.
they just use the union talk as crap to try and milk a bigger paycheck, doubt very much he will go to union
He knows Warriors wont be able to pay him big $ so will probably be playing the field, so to speak, to figure out different options
Do you HAVE to be Aussie to play for an Australian Super 14 team?

Likewise do you have to be a New Zealander to play for a NZ Super 14 team?

I don't think its the same in South Africa with Tony Brown playing for the Sharks.
Well, Webby's manager was on the news and he confirmed that indeed he was considering the option of switching to union amongst other potential offers.
I'm sure all of us would love him to stay on with the Warriors in the future, but it's a decision for next season.
I think its jsut a case of his manager trying to up his price like Mason did last season and Sonny Bill
yes good old manager's talk me thinks. Will certainly help both their wallets.
Found this story .... a couple of worrying signs in here ...

League: Union an option for Webb

By Michael Brown

The Warriors and Kiwis fullback is off contract at the end of the season and has fielded approaches from rugby union officials across the Tasman about a switch of codes.

He's also attracted interest from UK Super League clubs after impressing for the Kiwis in last year's Tri Nations.

"It's just something that's cropped up," Webb explained.

"I don't know what's in the woodwork but if the opportunity did come up, it definitely wouldn't be swept aside.

"I have had no formal offer from the rugby union so it's not an option at the moment but I'm coming off contract at the end of this year and I'm keeping my options open. I'm open to any offers going around."

NRL clubs are becoming increasingly jumpy about raids on their players from rugby union. This feeling has been further heightened with news that Dragons and Australian centre Mark Gasnier is about to sign a big-money deal with the Australian Rugby Union.

Some agencies were reporting yesterday that Gasnier had already penned a A$700,000-a-year deal with the ARU and that, of the four Super 14 franchises, he had ruled out playing for the Western Force only.

It has led to increasing calls from a number of quarters for the salary cap to be increased significantly to help stop the flow of players signing lucrative rugby deals.

With more than 140 NRL players free agents at the end of this season, Australian rugby scouts have a few options to consider.

Talking to Webb, you can sense the enthusiasm for the game after four years living in New Zealand but he admits he knows very little about how rugby is played.

"I have never played it," he admitted. "Growing up where I did [in Cairns], there was no such thing as rugby union. I love the rugby over here. I watch it every weekend and take a keen interest in it.

"I've learned a lot just watching from the sidelines but I wouldn't know where to start in trying to tell you the differences between playing fullback in league and in rugby union. I wouldn't have a clue."

Despite Webb having played 10 tests for the Kiwis, the fact he was born in Queensland means he would be eligible to play for any of Australia's Super 14 franchises and, ultimately, the Wallabies.

It needs to be remembered, however, that talks about a switch for Webb are only in the initial stages and that he is yet to receive a formal offer.

It also can't be ignored that news of a possible switch of codes could spark the Warriors into making efforts to re-sign the fullback.

"If the club is keen on re-signing me, I would have thought talks would have got under way by now," Webb said.

However, Warriors chief executive Wayne Scurrah said: "We have a number of players coming off contract and it is up to the coach [Ivan Cleary] to determine the make-up of the squad next year. It's too early to say what will happen with Brent but he's certainly a valuable player for us."

The Warriors management last week held their first meeting regarding player retention.

Makes you wonder really.Is the Kiwi jersey that cheap.

Two points for mine.

Webbs manager is just testing all avenues for his player., and thats what he's paid to do
And secondly, Ivan may have another 'rooster junior' in mind, hence talks have not started, in retaining him.

Wayne openly stated, the team make-up is totally in Ivans hands, and it will be up to him, who we retain, and who to let go.
One of Rovelli's many positions is fullback...maybe he will play there for us.
you have to think that if he can turn his back on his state and country so easily to play for the kiwis then he'll have no problem turning his back on league. there no little loyalty in modern society.
Unfortunately loyalty dosn't mean a hell of a lot in most modern day professions. It's that old cliche of 'money talks'.
I'm pretty sure Webb would love to stay at the Warriors, it all depends what they can offer him.
I know for a fact that he absolutely loves playing for the Kiwis though, and I can't see him giving that honour up without some careful consideration.
I can only presume that talks havent started due to seeing if the cap is raised and how much by
Wiki said:
Do you HAVE to be Aussie to play for an Australian Super 14 team?

Likewise do you have to be a New Zealander to play for a NZ Super 14 team?

I don't think its the same in South Africa with Tony Brown playing for the Sharks.

New Zealand Super 14 side=No, Pacific Island international players have played for Super 14 sides like Marika Vunibaka

Australian Super 14 side=Yes, you have to be available for Australia.
Fullback is not a good starting postion for a junior to start, if we are to lose Webb which i sincerly hope is not the case we need a established fringe first grader at least. Someone like Clint Greenshields from the Dragons, or Brett Delany from the eels who are coming of contract. If we put someone from the bartercup striaght in we will get slaughted. I know we don't have alot of money so these guys would be a bargain for the quality we'd get in return.
saw webb and the rest gettin off the bus today at the game and told him not to go to union and he just rolled his eyes...dont know what that means...

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