May be an unpopular opinion but I'd rate Egan as one of our best players this year tbh. I think he is underrated, this year he was a better dummy half than Cook.
Hes probably in the middle tier of hookers, the elite tier would be guys like Korisau, Grant, Brailey, Origin Hunt.
Completely agree. Plays behind a poor middle and still looks ok.

Edit - not just a poor middle, terrible yardage and metres per carry. And he’s not the cause, his passing is top notch.
Personally I think the most import attribute of a hooker is a crisp, long and accurate pass

Second very smart decision making and the ability to control the tempo of the game

Third rock solid D

Depending on your halves the running game is a real plus, but I’d take the above fundamentals first.

Lussick has a defensive game that can change the momentum of a game, which surprised me given how skinny he is. He needs to improve his pass but that’s not hard to improve if you practice enough. I’m keen to see how he goes. I’m happy to let Otukolo go, he’s shown nothing that excites me.

Egan…he’s ok, but I dont see him winning us a comp. Obviously I’d take Api, Grant, Smith, Reed or Cook but realistically they aren’t coming to the Warriors any time soon.
Sorry boys, I should have clarified that a crisp pass and having standard defence etc was a given for me. I should have made it clear.
The great hookers have the pass. It's that ability to get the ball away without a wind up swing or taking a step and to put it slightly in front of the receiving player. Gives the first receiver that extra second or two and negates the defensive line (depending on the ref)

Not sure we're quite there yet but maybe a work in process. I thought Otukolo had a decent pass.
I disagree. I think he'd be lucky to be 10th on his performances in the warriors' jersey. He might be if our pack consistently asserted dominance.

In no particular order:

The top 6 are better hookers for sure. The rest are equal at best (most are poorer IMO), and Hunt is a halfback. Otherwise you would have Tommy Turbo on the best NRL centres list for instance because he played origin there.

Egan is clearly under rated by Warriors fans, which is probably because we have been so poor since he's been at the club. Was easy in our top 3 players this season.
Egan's a decent player. If we got things right with our forward pack he'd go even better. Hes shown he has a decent footy brain and is great at squaring up the defence for his outside men. Has an okay running game, if he improved his kicking he would be above average imo.

He's not the player who's going to win you a premiership singlehandedly, but does his job well enough for other stars to shine. I just don't think we have many other stars at the moment.

He would be the kind of player that would go great at a club like Storm or Panthers. Professional, good work ethic and does his core job relatively well.

Still only 24 too! He could be a solid, consistent Warrior for over 10 years really.
….and he started running the ball more and realised he could do a job there too. He’s on the up. 👍🏾
Somebody on here said Harry Grant studies Egan for how he engages defenders from dummy half, he’s obviously doing something right. I read the panthers forum a bit and they would have him back in a heartbeat. His body is getting stronger and not so injury prone, I see him as our captain after Tohu Harris is done