General warriors WILL win the grand final this year:this is how


1)They need to give manu vatuvei a more roaming role. I always see manu run win the ball only when the warriors are stuck in their own half to take pressure off the forwards.
He needs to go into the middle of the field where the forwards play when the warriors are in the oppositions half and run hard at the defence on the 2nd or 3rd tackle.Like the All blacks did with Jonah lomu.
I'd also like to see vatuvei get his body position LOWER in the tackle. He always stand straight up. He should bend down a bit so he makes more metres.

2)Price and wiki are the only forwards the make good metres. I would like luck,guttenbiel and ervarn to hold the ball with 2 Hands and run at the defence. Don't fend or hold the ball with one hand. And I want a leg drive going to once they reach the defence. If u look at aussie forwards the majority of them hold the ball with 2 hands when they run at the line and the make Excellent metres cuz its hard for the defence to hold onto the person when the ball is being held in 2 hands, thus they make more metres.

3)Ropati thinks too much when he gets the ball. he usually stops, then thinks, then sidesteps. I'd like to see him on the 2nd or 3rd tackle Run at the line. Just run straight. don't think. He's a strong guy.and when Ropati does pass I'd like him to practive LONGGGGG passes in training. Like a long cut out pass that could miss 3 or 4 players so he can give the ball to his wingers.

4)The warriors always seem to be playing catchup in the 2nd half near the end of the game. I'd like to see the warriors go out All out attack in the first half, by offloading in the tackle etc, then in the 2nd half play Defence. If they are up by 12points or more, when t he get the ball they should play field position and kick the ball out near the oppositions goal line so the opposition has to run it out of their own half.

5)I'd also like to see mannering grubber kick. IF he aint going to beat his opposite centre,he should put a longgggg grubber kick down the field for vatuvei to chase.Mannering also has great leg drives. I'd like to see all the backs, when they run into a tackle, to leg drive.

6)tony martin has being having his BEST games ever. Good defender and attacker. More grubber kicks from him when the warriors are in their 5th tackle and their in their opponents half would be great. Martin's a great goal kicker and we need that.

7)The warriors kick too early even when they're under no pressure. If they are in their own half and its the 4th tackle, DONT kick. Kick on the 5th tackle

8)When they opposition are in THEIR own half I'd like the warriors to switch to In ur face RUshing defence. This will put the opposition under alot of pressure in their own half. They can revert back to sliding defence when the warriors are defending in their Own half.

9)Fien was awesome at hooker. makes heaps of metres running at the line.I'd like to see him on the 1st of 2nd tackle(interchange 1st or 2nd) run straight up the middle of the ruck. Don't just do it sumtimes. At least use 1 play running straight up the ruck

10)Faumuina needs to Stop side stepping and just Run the at the line. He loses pace when he sidesteps.He also needs to bend down a bit when he runs at the line and gets tackled. He stand to high.

11)Webb has an awesome game against the dragons. I'd like to see him sumtimes come up to 5/8 in attack when the warriors are in the oppositions half. He gives nice longgggg passes to the centres and wingers

12)We needs Rovelli to learn the Banana kick. when rovellie gets the ball and the warriors are close of the line he needs to banana kick so the ball goes the opposite way

13)Get steve price to run at the small guys sumtimes. Get price on the left or hand side of the field running at the left centre and winger and get martin and Misi to back him up. Opposition teams forwards always run on the fringes like at the warriors centres and wingers when they're near the warriors goal line, but I never see the warriors forwards do that cuz they always run in the middle of the field.

14)They warriors should attack the weakest side of the field constantly. Don't go attack the right hand side of the field, then attack at once more time then go back to the right or centre or the field. get attacking the same players on the same side like the opposition does to us.

15)I'd like to see gatis run more out of dummy half like fien is doing. Gatis is great cuz he ducks under tackles like fiend. He and fien should also practice running up to pick up the ball with 1 hand and running straight up the middle of the ruck instead of picking the ball up with 2 hands because it'll be faster with one hand. ONly do this in the oppositions half though.

16)Clinton toopi is out of form. If vatuvei is playing I would put Bryne on the bench cuz he's a winger. Then when bryne comes off the bench about 20minutes into the second half, vatuvei should go into Awen guttenbeils number 11 position and play as a forward.

17)Don't tackle to high. Some forwards arms and a bit high cuz we get penalised for that.Also i'd tell nathan fien to tackle a bit lower too because he goes a bit high.

18)Some of the warriors have to watch out when they make a tackle and run back to get into the defensive line cuz they opposition dummy half just runs behind them.There are also a few forwards like sione etc who just put their arm out and don't even make a tackle when they can. I saw sione make a tackle then get back into the defensive line and then just stick his hand out as if he didn't want to make the tackle cuz he wanted someone else to do it.

I'm pretty confident the warriors can win the grand final if we do these. Ivan cleary's a great coach, steve price is a great leader, and we have the players to do it.We need to focus on winning at least 11 games from now on to make the top8.


There's a fine line between being very optimistic and dillusional. Instead of just stepping over it you've taken a running start and pole vaulted over the damn thing.


I'm glad it's only a 18 step procedure. that means if we fix one problem a round then we'll be into the finals, we'll fix up the last two on the list and then it's grand final time. after checking off every seperate point on the list how could we fail to lose...

hmmm :(


What happened to the first danielspencer btw? Is he as deep a thinker as yourself ds2?


Wow. Gee. That's...erm..great to know!

He's made some very interesting points thou.

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