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Jordan G

Attack looked good. Foran and Shaun Johnson running both sides is deadly.

Our defense still absolutely sucks and yet another 20+ points conceded.

Ayshford - damn people talk about Kata not passing to his wing, and for good reason, but how many overlaps did Ayshford ignore?

We won. Suppose that's something. All you can really take out of that though is we might lose more games 26-24 than 26-12.

Foran can't direct defenders to not be retarded unfortunately.
I have some faith now,

Yes, we only bet an average, injury stricken team in the last 5min but the boys played with heart today.

Kieran Foran, you legend never looked like he never left the game i have some faith back in this team

Luke stepped up some good runs from dummy half.
Going to post it here as opposed to the post-match thread which isn't open yet:

MOM - Luke. Apparently had a difficult week - really shone tonight. Honourable mention - Foran.

The forwards lifted tonight - definitely so in the second half.

Yes they had injury problems. Warriors have had confidence problems. One win can start a streak... Let's see how that confidence comes through. Now they will have belief they can come from behind and win.

Some shit plays by various players. But a win is a win. Next week we could be 3-3...
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