Gameday < 2021 Warriors vs Tigers Gameday Chatter [Round 9, 2018]

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Who will win?

  • Warriors Taming!

  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

  • DRAW

  • Tigers 12-

  • Tigers Mauling!

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Excitement building. No beersies for me tonight but still lots of joy. I still wish Benny Muttz had stayed to benefit from the pre season changes but such is life.
No clue, ask Kayla :D:D:D
mate, Shaun Johnson likes himself far more than even a woman. is there a word for that? :) lol.

on serious note, i hope not putting Lino on the bench doesnt cost us with Johnson and Kata and any other back injuries that may occur. Lawton will cover them but really hes half the player Lino is in any position barring Hooker. Anything on the wing or centre and we will be ok, if one of our halves go down, we are .....
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