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And thats it folks. Koroibete will seal the win for the Storm's 3rd straight this season.

A few thoughts big props to Matulino and Mannering, as usual both solid on defence and had some good looks with the ball, Matulino adding a few handy off loads.

Same too Bodene however a few errors as a result of trying to keep the team in the game a lot of effort and output from him today.
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Shaun Johnson still trying to work out their combinations, both are too good to not be clicking on the field, time will tell and experience in the game together.
Kata was himself today, happy with his offense, alot of defence to work on, more so on reading plays and making decisions.
Gubb as usual solid off the bench, added energy on defense not one step back.
Tevaga, as stated earlier will be in contention with Roache for the top spot, however would be interesting to see both playing hooker even when Luke is fit?
Bull has improved and was happy with him today however like Hoffman, still too quiet for his standard.
Vete didnt get much time but had a few good moments
Gavet great off the bench, big strong runs and aggression, a few assisted errors but still liked the energy and effort.

Robsons gotta go, Ayshford held his own, and as much as I hate to say it I'd rather have Wright instead of Manu.
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