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Mr Frank White

Rubbish performance. Wrong options taken every time.
Should've taken the 2pts on the sin bin and for every penalty.
Even with an extra man Warriors need to accept that our attack is average


There was a penalty against us just a short time ago where we tackled Brandon Smith fair and square close to our line, and then we jumped off him pretty quick, and yet they penalised the warriors just because Brandon wanted a penalty. Why does whether the attacking player wants a penalty taken into account? It should either actually be an infringement or not. So easy to milk a penalty in the NRL - and to be fair Roger Tuivasa-Sheck milks 2 or 3 holding down penalties every game.
Too many players not consistently at FG standard. Blair, Beale, Burr, Luke, Green, Satae, Hiku, Papalii, Lawton. If only we had players to replace them with, but because our FG team resembles a ressies team our NSW cup team sucks as well. Club looks to be in a massive hole.
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Atleast this will stop the delusional people stop saying "Storm just beat us by a couple of points last time"

Repeat after me. This club is fucked. This club is...
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