Gameday < 2021 Warriors vs Sharks Gameday Chatter [Round 21, 2017]

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Who will win?

  • Warriors Fin Soup!

  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

  • DRAW

  • Sharks 12-

  • Shark Attack!

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Don't know why you're all disappointed. It was a formaility against the premieres. Even with all the injuries and mistakes, they've played with heart.
Gotta give them credit for that esp. at this stage of the season.

Considering the clubs recent history, if you didn't know the season was over atleast a month ago, then you suffer from PTSD.

Go seek help!
Hi guys

I was kicked out of this forum about a month ago for making some derogatory comments about the warriors players. Since then I've lost interested in watching these muppets. I know I'm gonna sound like a guy who gets dumped and then turns up 6 months later at his ex's place just to tell her how well he's doing. But I came here just to tell you how well I'm doing
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