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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
This rule of not being able to rule on forward passes has to go. THat was blatant. Get rid of the touchies, they are too scared to make a call, just use decent computer techniques
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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
Retire Mannering, free up some cap space for people who can actually play the game, your past it


Christchurch Born n bred white bait fed.
Hard to beat a good team.
But impossible to beat a good team and a ref.
We get bad calls all the time but that was crap.
Is there any point in even having a sole NZ team in a Aus comp? Just setting ourselves up for failure every year. Their never gonna give us a fair shake and the game these days is decided by a few points so bad reffing makes a huge difference
This rule of not being able to rule on forward passes has to go.

Yep they have the technology but refuse to use it yet they waste our time with 2 refs and 2 sidies, 2 vids and a match. WHY? because it will take away most of those jobs. I didnt think we would win tonight but i was glad when we did, only to be gutted by the NRL, a shite organisation that is still NSW focussed.
How about we crowd fund a fine payment. Get someone EXTREMELY high up at the club to unleash in a statement about the obscene amount of fuckwit, game manipulating calls. Refs making such blatant momentum changing calls, carefully molding the bunker assessments with statements like "i dont want you to look any further", and a touch judge standing on a white line and watching a ball be passed from behind it, to in front of it, and NOT calling it.

We have a few refs doing it lately, and its getting worse. I have NEVER been a supporter of the whole ref conspiracy before, but there is clearly a decisive move to nail us to the wall.


Worst game I’ve watched from the refs is over 10yrs. They were reffing one side only.

That penalty count at home against one of the dirtiest sides in the comp is horseshit.

Standing right there and not calling that fwd pass is deliberate.

Load of shit - and those of us in Oz had to listen to a fucken Shark commentate his own team for 80fkn minutes.

Worst Warriors viewing experience ever.
Fucked up the arse by homo refs.

Gallen moans his guts out and gets his way.

Proud of our team.

Whoever that lazy fucking touch judge was that was nowhere near the play for that absolute forward pass should be running touch in the blind NRL from now on.

Congratulations though Sharks, you won.

I'm just sour because even with all the bullshit penalty count and ref bias we were still right in it.

Paasi - you're awesome.

Gavet - more minutes please big fulla.

Satae - didn't really notice you much.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck - fuck man you are top shelf amazing. But a point of constructive criticism - keep developing your rapport with the refs. Otherwise you are 100% awesome.

Tohu Harris - you looked to me like you played in Denver at altitude and just got back.

Fucking refs. I actually have no problem with the Sharks now. They played to the whistle.

Whoever puts a current player on to commentate their own team....give yourself an uppercut. Luke Lewis was shit behind the mic.

Oh well. Bring on the tough road trip.
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