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  • Warriors Fried Chicken!

  • Warriors 13+

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

  • Warriors 12-

  • DRAW

  • Roosters 12-

  • Roosters 13+

  • Roosters Cockfight!

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I thought the defence was superb and has been for much of the season.

CNK had an excellent debut in a tough game... so happy for him.

Issac Luke was a defensive beast.
Thank fook CNK gives them an insight about all this beast nonsense.

The greatest thing today was the Warriors stopped the Roosters from scoring more than 13 points

They are really an almost top of table side.

I pray we are about to see the end of the big bowling dudes in favor of edge defenders.
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TBH I'm not that worried about the attack. We've been up against the best 3 teams in the comp the last few weeks so seriously anyone expecting us to score 20+ in a game is kidding themselves. We'd easily put 20-30+ on an ordinary fringe 8 side as we showed against the Titans and Eels. The attack will come. It's the defense that has really shone through. That's the standard boys. Now let's hunt some Panthers next week and show Te Maire Martin what he's missing out.
I'll take a shite attack with brilliant defense any day, over the alternative.

Like Bennetts philosophy, sort the defense first, the attack will come naturally when we learn to back our D.

Do get me wrong I'm bloody stoked we won, but ffs sake we really no how to lose a game, to many dropped balls for my liking
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You'd have to go back to the Cleary era for the last time we beat a Top 4 (technically 5th, but tied for 2nd) team with only 14 and that huge amount of D. Massive effort.

Against Panthers in 2010 we beat them 12-6 with no ball in second half. They were coming first at the time. Matty Elliott the coach if you can believe it.