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  • Warriors Fried Chicken!

  • Warriors 13+

  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

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  • Roosters 12-

  • Roosters 13+

  • Roosters Rampage!

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a messy win but a win is a fucking win. Good shit warriors, could have lost it plenty, but when you are playing against the roosters and the ref a 2 point win is a good effort.
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I'm going to be honest ... I'm happier with that win than last weeks. Yes the Roosters are near the foot of the ladder, but was a tough, grinding game. We lost a player to the sin bin, we lost a half to injury. We had a fucking hooker playing on the wing. This is the kind that we usually lose. We probably showed more mental toughness and composure here than in any game I've seen in years ... maybe since we beat the Storm to advance in the finals back in 2011.

Ugly, ugly win, but we played for 80 minutes. That's huge by Warriors standards. It's a platform we can build off.

Just when I'm out, they keep dragging me in.
Maxwell: "Jake if you give away one more penalty I'm sensing one of yours off".

4 Penalties later......

Maxwell is an absolute clown. We all knew this coming in and we definitely knew it when he didn't hesitate to send one of our players off.
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