Post Match Warriors vs Raiders Post Match [Round 20, 2019]

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1st Grade Fringe
Apr 3, 2018
General observation - our ruck / marker defense is so bad. No effort, just slow and lazy.

I'm glad RTS just let that last one go. No point in putting your body on the line for this shit show.

The commentators even mocking the breathing circle now. Kearnys club culture has been turned into a joke. Time to start again with a rebuild.


1st Grade Fringe
Dec 4, 2018
Is it over yet? How did Curran's debut go?

Two very scary Samoan women with guns bigger than my entire body just beat the shit out of each other in the stand behind me. I don't know if I'll get out alive and I dont want to die at the worst Warriors game ever

Thats commitment, better not make eye contact on the way out..

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