Post Match Warriors vs Manly Post Match [Round 21, 2019]

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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
May 8, 2012
Well done, great game of footie.
Left side of my face has no feeling, but we fucken won!

Can we play this well for the rest of the season? I hope so.
they can, i just hope they do
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1st Grade Fringe
Mar 4, 2016
Shows the team have the talent if you put the right players on the park.

Every time we have challenged top teams CHT was driving and we had more dynamic forwards like Ciggy.

What this year would have been if we had better selections...

wizards rage

1st Grade Fringe
Apr 18, 2016
Listened to the radio and could hear the referees during the game. Few things:

Referees were disagreeing a lot on calls through the whole game

Cummins disagreed with the Blair send off but was over ruled by the bunker official

Green after the first try, straight after Blair was sent off, said to the ref ‘may as well just kick us out of the comp’ this is a non kiwi that’s played for a lot of clubs...


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 3, 2016
The guys played their hearts out.
(except for Sam who didn’t get any minutes)

MOM CHT super impressive again.
Has to be our first half picked from now on.
Vision, reaction, composure, kicking game, good decision making...and SMASHES blokes!!
Lad is hearty!
Yes early days yet but he has the goods to be a complete player.
Don’t fuck him around SK.

Great win boys. 👊

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