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My hope is a flogging today, and another next week to finish the season. Give Kearney the most loses on the trot record. Make him realise a yahtzee cup is not how you select a team. Make him realise that he has wasted good development time with playing Foran even though he is leaving, playing Johnson even though his quick recovery is only to get him another Kiwis jersey. Playing Matulino when he leaving. Trying to play Kata into form.

Id prefer he gave some of our better players from reserves a chance.
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I hope Foran, Hoffman and Mutalino break their legs in the first 10 min, our reserves come on and we clean Manly out by 30+ knocking those bastard Sea Eagles out of the finals. Most hated team.
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Well I always try and find the positives with this team and back them through thick and thin, but I am struggling for motivation to leave the house and head out to my seat in Mt Smart today. Anyone else feeling the same? Just been difficult putting in the effort and trudging out there (many times in rubbish weather as well) to watch a team who isn't performing.

Hope they win today as Manly are scum (my partner 'supports' them out of spite ha), but I just wanted to see if I am not alone in my apathy to head out there.
I've just moved house and we dumped Sky TV
Is there a way to watch the game without going to the pub? I'm guessing most pubs will be screening the fight so I might be scratching to get to watch the game even if I do go
Sky go still works for a while after disconnection. Worth a try.


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Yeah I don't know about you dude but me I'm really, really, looking forward to today's game against Manly Warringah Sea Tigers especially with Kieran Marshall having to play up against his old club. It's going to be awesome as fuck ...

it does say next game and the isp boys are playing the
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