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Warriors vs Knights Gameday Chatter [Round 22, 2018]

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[Round 22 Women in League] Vodafone Warriors v Newcastle Knights

We are back home for the Women in League round this Friday, August 10, when we host the Newcastle Knights at Mt Smart Stadium. Be here to watch club history take place with our recently-named Vodafone Warriors women's team making its first appearance at 6.00pm.​

Gates open: 5.45pm
Vodafone Warriors v Auckland Women's selection, 6.00pm
NRL Vodafone Warriors v Newcastle Knights, 8.00pm
Im wanting a first half domination, followed by many extra points in the 2nd half.

Kata to feed Ken for 2 tries, and pass from dummy half a metre out for a try under the posts. Then we spend a week discussing whether it was good coaching, or public (and team-mate) scrutiny that did it.

I want Warriors 42 - 6.
I expect Warriors 14 - 12, with a 14 - 0 first half, 2 quick 2 half Knights tries, then another strong defensive game that has us all truly concerned about our attack.
Hope our Muppets havent seen the Broncs result and relax. The Knights will turn up.

Totally this. With Sharks against the Storm we have a good crack at 6th by the end of the weekend. But saying that it would be pretty warriors to shit the bed and make some of the plodders at Newcastle look like future immortals.

Looking for a comfortable win, but our attack is pretty damn average so I fear that may keep things uncomfortably close until near the end.

Playing small ball with Tevaga after the break seems to be letting teams back in and isn't building momentum: Kearney has to wise up get some hard runners starting then play small ball once they have set the platform.


If I told you the 8th placed team would be playing the 11th placed team in a random sports league you knew little about then you would be expecting a tight tussle with a perhaps a slight expectation the 8th placed team would win.
And that is what we have here. This game could be really tight.

Jazz said in his interview they were really surprised by the intensity of the Titans so they are preparing for this one like it is a top eight side.

I have $20 on the warriors to win by 13+ but I would be more than happy with a one point victory.
I'll just be happy with a win. The Knights are still a strong team on paper and Ponga is a constant threat in attack.
That would all but cement a spot in the finals with only 3 games to go, especially if the Tigers lose to the Raiders.
I know we can never take anything for granted due to our history, but this would be our most spectacular choke yet if we were to miss out!


The fact they were "surprised" by any team's intensity shows how far the team and organisation still has to develop mentally and professionally.

You are correct.
And this isn't a defence of them. But Mannering predicted this. When he rejoined the side around round 5 he said that it was great that they were off to a great start but, and let me remember his words, it takes years to build a championship side, in terms of learning how to win and how to win consistently. He even shocked the reporter, who was riding high on the 4 straight wins, by saying there would come a time this season where we would lose two in a row,
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