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  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

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  • St George 12-

  • St George 13+

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Some things to work on. Over 30 missed tackles. But their better fitness this year is keeping them in the game longer.
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Did we really miss 59 tackles or is that a error?

Wouldn't surprise me with the amount of defence we did. That stat means nothing to me considering who we held to two tries (one of which was when we only had 12 on the field and the other was a game of inches). Lets drink it in. This team is the best attacking team, they're top of the table and they WERE undefeated.

Special, special effort.
That was one hell of an effort after all that tackling, being down a man for 10 mins, being down a man on the bench for 50 odd minutes (not unusual with how we use out bench) and also having Vete only play handful of minutes....

......and wank stain Cummings blowing us off the park in the first half!

Wow!!! I’m pooped...
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