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Warriors Orange Peeler
Warriors vs Dragons Gameday Chatter [Round 7, 2018]

Some stats we turn around today

Dragons won 13 of last 14 against us

Warriors on 1 of lst 9 Friday games

Shaun Johnson has a try assist in every one of his last 13 games but only one in last 7 games against dragons - Lino to get 2 try assists today.

We got this!

If Dragons go 7-0 it will be 2nd best start to a season for any team in NRL era,

If we beat them by 65 we can go to first on the ladder on points differential. Dont you non-believers laugh we got 66 against the bunnies once without conceding a try (although dont think they were top of the table at the time)
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Hard to lose Kata, hopefully SK sticks with some size on the bench and doesn't bring in CNK as insurance. Sick of having an outside back wasting a space.
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My prediction is our forward pack get dominated, give our halves no space and Lino gets roasted on the forum after.
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Dragons are due for a dip, been injury free, left sydney once all year, played some weakened teams, i reckon it will be close and low scoring, either team 16-14.
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The team will be fired up. I expect a solid team performance. Dragons are the best team in the comp atm so I am expecting a real close one.

I will be happy if we compete upfront and don’t get dominated like last week.

Lino to get a drop goal in the last minute to win it for us.

Go Warriors!!
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Feeling just a tad nervous ..Do it for Edna as I am sure that she will be watching from above.. Just take it out by 6 .
Go the BOYS :);):)
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Really like the statement by SK that Johnson is only rated better than Lino if he can run. Johnson will no longer be a passenger in our team. Providing that Shaun Johnson can’t run, they must feel that Lino has a greater range of skills.


Clinical kicking game anchors Dragons on their try line; Warriors by 4. Keep the bench big.
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A number of years ago, the unbeaten Bulldogs visited Mount Smart.
The Bulldogs had won 15 games in a row
Guess who recorded their first loss...
Yes the Warriors beat them in a Saturday night game.

I think it could be a smart move by SK to try & use a similar game plan to how the Warriors beat the Roosters in round 2.

No Shaun Johnson in that game either & Lino played a blinder.
Be aware of lots of flying & jumping Fush. (David Fusitua)
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If we display the same effort on defense in the Cowboys game, we're in with a shot.

If we dish up what we did last week against the Broncs, its gunna be a long night......

Come on the boys!!! The Dragons 0 has goto go!
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Fuck this place is toxic these days, the Shaun Johnson hate is quite unbelievable. Shaun Johnson v Lino is a joke, years of inconsistent football in reserve grade and he finally has 1 decent game and he's better than Shaun Johnson lmao.

Our pack got owned last week, our middle was slow as fuck and the gameplan to target Bird (a great defender) was stupid as fuck. I also thought Blake overplayed and was costly defensively

Harris and Hiku will have to be at their very best because they will target Lino and then go wide to Aitken and Nighties, Gelling and Manners going up against the form fringe???Did anyone watch Aitken standup Inglis like he was a big fat slow forward from reserve grade?

There's always a chance our pack will turn up with a bit extra but shit their pack looks good.
Line speed has to be the best so far this year or it will be embarrassing.
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