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  • Broncos Stampede!

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I really hate to have this attitude, but the team is stronger if he's out (and Robson isn't picked)

To be honest, I hope he isn't hurt. Dude is barely going to be able to walk as an old man at this point.

Good game from what I've seen. Been floating in and out. Seems like one that might be worth catching a replay of later.
Having forwards go forward makes a big difference...
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No doubt Wayne will pull the old excuse about travel etc for the poor broncos not getting their standard weekly Friday night game. Warriors have just been hungrier all night. Great to see.
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88% humidity here in Akl tonight.. Lucky to get away with this win....


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Congratulation to the team.
Well played all of them.
Pleasure to watch and as rugby league is a confidence game I hope they get a real lift.
Yep unchanged team for next week.
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