General Warriors V Dogs Match Talk and Spiolers


Poor Willie T .. so sadend for him :(

He shouldnt get suspended at all, he has a clean record and i think this is his 1st time at the judicary(spelling). My brother told me that if he pleads not guilty he'll get 2 weeks!!

*sigh* poor bloke, we need him against the roosters also..


Skinner said:
There was nothing in that tackle on Nathan and there was no malice in the flip on Rovelli but that
one actually broke the horizontal hey.

See if you like it if some one runs up and shoves an elbow into your head and see if you don't think there was anything wrong with it.

The horizontal rule is probably a good thing. I'm not saying that coz it happened to Ravs, but I've seen it happen to plenty of players and I always cringe when they go up...coz you don't know what could happen after that. Sometimes it's nothing but other times it can be dangerous.

And Dmm, you trying to call me and a few others 'softies' are ya? LOL. I think big honest hits are fine. Mingy stupid ones like Patten's are just plain not on. But again that's how I see it, perhaps you don't. All good