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Does anyone have one?

I personally don't have any tattoos at all, but on the way back from the Parramatta opening game of the season, I saw a heavily tattooed guy on the train who had the Warriors tiki crest tattooed on his throat, just below his Adam's apple. That's commitment!

It was sort of a focal point of a much larger tatt that went from his jaw right down to his chest!

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May 1, 2012
Not yet.

I have been contemplating an upper arm to the centre of the back and chest celtic design with an animorphic wolf evolving out of it and howling at the moon on my upper chest (don't want a typical fashionable tribal mixture), but would like to incorporate a Warriors logo in it somewhere. I have envisaged it on my left side, but have a panther (not Penrith) on my left chest. Either I try to cover it, or I move my new design to the right. Somehow the right hand side just doesn't feel right for it. I have been putting it off for a few years because I am perplexed about how to deal with the old tat.

I have been thinking about a Warriors logo for quite a few years now but haven't taken the step. I have told the Mrs I will definitely get one when we get a Premiership.


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May 20, 2013


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Mar 3, 2016
Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker but rarely post. I've decided that I should probably get amongst it all :)
Here's a picture of my Warriors tattoo that I'm extremely proud to have, I'd love to see who else has them.
I'm going to be getting a portrait of the little general on my ribs very soon....I can't wait!


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Apr 6, 2019
Kia Ora everyone! Haven’t been on here for a while! Just wanted to say hope everyone is super well and ready for today’s game! Also wanted to share this Warriors and Tamoko tattoo I got yesterday! LETS GONE WARRIORS AND HAVE A SUPER SUNDAY EVERYONE!!!!


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May 7, 2012
Beautiful Art bro, I want to be cheeky and ask how much that costs?

That has been done by an Artist. The flow and form is as good as they come.

How long were you away? and I am sure you will quickly realise nothing has changed...sack the selections suck.....oh wait there is one big change, we no longer need to sign a big omphaa we got three of them in one go.

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