Rumour Warriors Recruitment Discussion and Rumour Mill - 2015 (Part 2)

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Tim Lafai released by NRL Bulldogs: report
4 hrs ago

© Tony Feder/Getty Images Tim Lafai goes in for a try for the Bulldogs.

Canterbury centre Tim Lafai has reportedly been released by the NRL club as the Bulldogs clear the way for the expected signing of Parramatta's Will Hopoate.

Fairfax Media reported today that Lafai and his management reached an agreement with the Bulldogs late yesterday after the Samoan international requested a release from the final two years of his contract.

"Tim's enjoyed his time at the Bulldogs and we're appreciative of the club culture and everything they have done for him," said his manager, David Rawlings.

"Des Hasler has done a lot in developing him as a footballer and a young man and we thank him for that. We're looking forward to the next stage of his career and we believe the best is yet to come.

"Tim will enjoy a fresh start to 2016 and the opportunity to get his first full pre-season after struggling with injuries in recent years."

Several clubs have expressed interest in the 24-year-old, including Gold Coast, Penrith, St George Illawarra and the Warriors.

Hopoate is locked in a legal dispute with Parramatta which is delaying his formal signing with Canterbury for the 2016 season.
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Jordan G

Looking at the teams we appear to be up against I doubt we can match what most would offer. A lot would depend on how Lafai views our chances of success.

Would call this one very very unlikely.
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He was training here well he was injured. Hadn't seen him in ages use to hang out with him at church and stuff time to time.

Was looking real good when I saw him but that was a good couple months ago.

See if I can get any updates from him or his misses.
Me and my mates just took a picture with Ivan Cleary in a pub at Mount Maunganui reckons he was in New Zealand "saying g'day to 'mates'" we were all like 'oh shit' and he did a knowing grin. A KNOWING GRIN.

A "knowing grin" eh?
Normally I wouldn't read anything into that but coming from old poker face cleary, it does make u wonder.
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We just took it as a sign that he'll be around the place in some capacity. Something's afoot.
If he is signed as a mentor and Cappy loses the dressing room (as they say these days) then there is less to worry about than when Bluey lost the plot and we had to take a guy who didn't have a plot in the first place. My bet is that Cappy will be just fine.


We want a proven premiership coach.
All clubs want a premiership, a proven premiership winning coach isn't the same thing e.g.Tim Sheens at the Cowboys, Des Hasler at the Dogs, and Ricky Stuart at the Eels and Canberra and of course John Monie:arghh::arghh::arghh:

Phil Gould, Wayne Bennett and Tim Sheens are probably the exceptions in the modern area in that they won premierships before and after moving to new clubs.

Gould started the trend of being a premiership winning director of coaching with Ricky Stuart at the Roosters but he hasn't carried that on to the Panthers.

I think Wayne Bennett at the Knights has shown that appointing a premiership winning coach isn't the answer if you don't have the roster or overall support to work with.

There are more examples of a new coach winning a premiership e.g. Paul Green, Trent Robinson, Michael McGuire and Craig Bellamy.

All of those coaches had an outstanding support team around them from the front office to the team on the park.

Cappy had so much support from the Kiwis in the Warriors he was appointed an assistant to Kearney until he got the top job at the Warriors.

So assuming Cappy still has the dressing room at the Warriors, and also assuming that it is really JD who is running the club I don't think it matters if there is a brains trust behind Cappy.

I have always rated Ivan Cleary as a true professional. I think he has unfinished business here and if he were being brought in behind Cappy I could only see it being for the better. Just my opinion though.
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