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Read on FB that Veitchy qouted Dean Lonergan as saying that the Foran to Warriors was "a done deal'.

*pure speculation*.

If it is a done deal, how have we even managed to negotiate with him given it's only just past the 1st of November (given he's contracted to Manly for 2016) and he's been in camp with the kiwis etc...

Then, brain flashed back to the response from Foran's manager... "we haven't talked money yet".

Negotiating would mean talking money.

If you agree something in principle with money to be confirmed later - is that in breach of the 1 November no negotiation rules etc? Guess there might be a couple of ways to look at that.

*end of pure speculation*.


Trying not to get excited, it might mean the talk of a ‘war chest’ isn’t unfounded, so if Foran goes to the Roosters for 2016 (I’d bet on that happening 100 times before us) we’d have the cash to throw at someone else really good.
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Ryan Hall will just end up in the forwards too if some fans round here get their way. Theyre the same type player and build...
Ryan Hall is nowhere near as big as Manu, Manus around 115kg, as big as the biggest forwards in the nrl

The Warriors already have a tonne of Ryan Halls in the forwards
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Jordan G

November 1st is the often quoted date, but that was revealed to be BS. The NRL doesn't register contracts until June so even if we signed him we'd have to wait until June to know if we actually signed him.

Don't get too excited, I still remember Carney/Thurston/Bellamy/Matai being "done deals"
Ryan Hall is nowhere near as big as Manu, Manus around 115kg, as big as the biggest forwards in the nrl

The Warriors already have a tonne of Ryan Halls in the forwards

I honestly don't think Manu is that big. He's tall and has massive legs, but he isn't overly thick through the torso. He's more of a ripped build than a hulking beast. He's most recently listed as 107kg and I think that's pretty accurate.

Hall is proportionally bigger than Manu imo, given that he's shorter but only a couple of kg lighter. He looks heavier in the upper body.

The bigger NRL forwards are 120kg+ monsters. Manu is nowhere near their size.

FWIW, none of this means anything as only the athletes themselves know their real stats, and they vary greatly from season to season.

Maybe Bodene Thompson will play prop? He has in the past. He wouldn't be any worse than Matagi, Rapira or Matulino on recent form.
Im not a fan of Veitch but if the Foran rumor is true he would have to get some credit. He had Foran on the radio last week and told him he should come to the Warriors, siting Forans combination with Johnson and how much Kiwis would love it. For the last week its been one of he talking points when hes been on air.
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That's false. Manly are desperately clinging to Matai and Lyon. But Foran and DCE are more their priority. They now have a sole owner and he told members he'll dip into his own pockets if need be. Unfortunately for him the team is imploding and mt well is rightsnout dce.
yea I'm certainly not claiming it as gospel as it seemed very unbelievable to me, apparently this was the old owners(Quantum group?) who had told Foran he could look around and that has now changed but apparently Foran is very unhappy at Manly about this and Glen Stewarts non re-signing
wooooah since when does Foran command the same sort of coin as Johnathan Thurston?? And same goes for DCE..

Well, did a search for NRL 1 million dollar players and found this article..

If they actually did shell a mil each on those two guys then you'd think they will be quite lacking in other departments.. like their pack, which is already pretty shit. even worse than ours
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