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At one point a few years ago weren't some posts from here turning up almost word for word in journalists stories. So many local journalists are too lazy to even get names or results right so I have little doubt people here ghost write a few newspaper articles.
yeah few of us had our stuff ripped off there and other sites.

Nothing weirder than finding excerpts in the Sunday Paper that use your own unique crafted turn of phrase word for word ( at least swap some wording ) ...meant to be a form of compliment, as you say it more points at taking short cuts when it's whole paragraphs.

This place is the best quick reference outside the CLubs cliche mechanisms you can pinch ideas from.

I do it. I use peoples Ideas from the Forums and regurgitate the ones I like , but I try these days to reference the Users and Web sites I've taken them from as a courtesy.
Reading the Chris Rattue article in todays Herald I have to wonder if he gets his stories from this forum?
Well things have been on a bit of a downer on here the last few weeks; maybe we should make up some crazy shit and see if the media run with it. The teams performances have been a bit a downer and I'd prefer not making jokes about it to prop my mood up so amusing ourselves with the media might be a better idea.
Yep, and two games don't make a season.

You are quite right. Of course they don't.
But it's not so much that we lost that worries me.

It's the WAY we lost. We were never, remotely, in either match.

And that has to be a worry, for everyone.
I'm blaming the Coach more than the Players.

But I don't think the players are helping the Coach.

So it's a bit of a vicious circle.

Let's just hope they've all worked hard this week, and we see an improvement on Saturday.
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Don't blame the Broncos...Dunedin is a dump,,,Its a shame that stadium is down there and not up north
Dunedin is a great place place. Great town and even greater towns folk. During the weekend nights Dunners is one of the best towns in NZ to be in. With a ratio of 5 birds to every one bloke your the mutant from the Goonies if you cant score!

Spent a few months working down there and I love the place...
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I lived in Dunners for 3 years before moving to Wellington. I grew up two hours from there in Central Otago. For me Dunedin is a slow lifestyle not like the fast paced of Auckland.
I have family there and in Central, and I go back there every so often. It's a good sport town, and the social life is okay. As for the Scarfies well they're another story.
The year we made the GF in 2011... Didn't we lose our first 2 or 3 games??

Fat lady is far from singing yet chaps...

Three. There's a quote from Feleti Mateo in Rugby League Week that echoes what a few people have been saying on here - that the forwards haven't been dominant like they should be, the article also suggested that this year isn't the usual Warriors Slow Start Syndrome (ie that the lack of dominance of the forward pack is something new, not the root cause of WSSS - but whether that stands up to analysis of our early seasons, who could say?)
I read that little section in RLW last night and thought he should be listening to his own advice and running hard.

If Elliott is going to watch from the sidelines he should play Matulino in the back row on the left hand side; get Townsend and Tomkins to follow him at every opportunity. He was making a lot of metres last week and looked ready to offload. Then when he comes off for Mateo; look at Mateo and say see what he did do that.
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Not every offload needs to lead to a break or needs to be scored off; having the player there to take advantage of it is the first thing we need.

If you saw any of Townsends games for the Sharks last year he was on the move on every play supporting all of the ball carriers. This was also mentioned by some posters on here after the Broncos game. We were all keen to see Tomkins supporting our players when they offload, at the moment he seems to be tied up with organising the attack and then is needed to provide the link in the set pieces out wide.


Yes, that was one of my big moans about Locke last year, that he was never in position to receive an offload, well the pommy jesus isn't either.

That may be intentional, but its still irritating.
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Townsend wouldn't be able to keep up.
People must have short memories, really good blinkers or very dark rose tinted glasses....

Mateo made a break, townsend was on his inside, Mateo passed to Townsend, Townsend put the afterburneds on and you could see the shock on Mateo's face and mine when townsend couldn't even accelerate past Mateo...

He can't run, he can barely tackle, doesn't look like he can kick too well, but it's OK, he play's well within a structure!

The bloke is a dud, full stop.

Actually he could be our new Grant Rovelli.
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