General Warriors Misc Jersey and Merchandise Thread

I found this website with all of the Warriors jerseys on it... Ranked as well

Which is your favorite ?

Mine is the Black 2002 Warriors jersey.. which I still have
& will wear to the next Warriors Grand Final which hopefully will be before the moths destroy it .

Its Ranked number 3


Today is a good day ☀️
I have two Vodafone Warriors polo shirts. They look awesome on me but have to admit feel alittle embarrassed wearing them.

Had a few sympathy comments in the past.

I still remember a guy at Mitre10 calling me out “ hey, Warriors fan aye?” with a shake of the head. I felt the pain and frustration in his voice.... I don’t know if he admired or pitied me for wearing that shirt.... or both.

Those shirts are now stored away deep in my drawer....

If you want sympathy votes - put on Warriors merchandise...
I've splashed out on a 2018 Keyring - and the only reason I bought that was to make my keyring stand out amongst coins,etc so it's easy to find by feel.

So, I've contributed $7-ish dollars to the Warriors coffers (not including any cut they might get from drink/food - do they get any?) since 1996, not counting season tickets.

The closest I've come to wearing sports team merchandise is I used to wear a football scarf as part of my weekend attire - but it came off so many times with wind, etc, I stopped doing it.


Christchurch Born n bred white bait fed.
I have a lot of jerseys most are on the wall of my man cave but I always have 1 that I save for game day to wear with pride, you seem to get asked a lot about the team and if were going to win today of which now I say we should win if not we will be runner up in todays game... 😁


This year yet?
I still get each seasons home and sometimes away Jerseys but have to admit I wear them less than I used to. I’ll wear them to games and on game day but I have to admit living in Aus I have to change when I leave the house if we lose otherwise I cop quite a bit of shit.
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my fav one to wear is the all black version from a few years ago, unless you are looking it just looks like a black top so unlikely to cop any crap from people although TBH when people see it they usually comment that it looks cool
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Rippin' and a Tearin'
I wear Warriors jackets and caps more than I do the jerseys. Jackets definitely see less light of day when the Warriors are playing terrible. But sometimes I like to just say fuck it and shove it in union fans faces around the office.
I have a t-shirt, cap and older Auckland Warriors polo. Also have t-shirts for other clubs which I've picked up on the cheap - pretty much because I'm a league fan through and through. Don't think I've ever owned any All Blacks clothing.


Today is a good day ☀️
I just wear my Warriors g-string and nothing else, don’t get any sympathy votes in fact no one really comes near meo_O

Always been curious about g-strings. 🙊

I hear they’re super comfy to wear. Can you confirm?

Imagine doing the lawns in a Warriors g-string over summer - boss move