General Warriors Halves 2010 onwards


Shortland highly regarded by melbourne fans? So what?? He obviously wasnt highly regarded by Craig Bellemy - premiership winning coach/current nsw state of orgin coach. Ryan Shortland played like 4 games in 5 seasons at the Storm. Junk. What does that say about him? Stupid decison to sign him by the Warriors. Im sure they will admit that themselves, after not resigning the guy after 1 season where he played 3 or 4 games, if that.

As for Aidan Kirk, yes his first season at the warriors he was injuried, second season he played 10 games or so, pretty average, enough to know that he wasnt worth re signing, but they still signed him for 1 more season, this season 09, he still hasnt shown anything to show that he has a long term future in the nrl.

I dont think Shaun Johnson should be our first choice half, but he should be given a few games in the next few seasons ahead, so in 2 years time hes ready to play a full season of nrl at five eight or halfback.

Ryan worked through the Storm's junior system and came to us at about 21, so the fact that he'd only played a handfull of 1st grade games is to be expected. I doubt he'd be considered for 1st grade at 16 which is the start of your '5 seasons at the Storm'. He was the next centre in line behind Folau (and possibly Chambers) in the junior ranks but his impending knee reconstruction would've been the prime reason he wasn't recontracted. It was a gamble by the Warrriors that didn't pay off.

Aiden was a standout in the NSW Cup which is where all the potential NRL players based in NSW were picked from prior to the Toyota Cup. How were the Warriors to know that he'd get injured or not be a superstar when early signs suggested he would be? They exercised another year to have better cover in the backs so therefore they obviously believe he's better as utility cover than any of the juniors. I prefer that the Warriors look locally too if a local can do the job, but only if they're absolute standouts for the U20s.

Without the benefit of the Toyota Cup, how were the Warriors meant to determine which young players will be good enough for 1st grade? There have been far more duds from the local Bartercard competition than there have been bad imports by the Warriors over the years, just check through the player history on the Warriors site and see how many 1 to 5 game locals are listed.

If the Warrriors took your advice and only signed superstars, they'd fit 20 players under the salary cap and when injury bites hard like it has this year, be forced to put half dozen 18 year olds into first grade each week until their confidence is destroyed by the constant beatings the team receives.

Your posts have been getting better of late until you're talking about Crockett, Kirk or Shortland then they just turn into a simplistic rants. What is it with your hate of certain players? BTW any one of those players could out tackle Johnson with one hand tied behind their back.