General Warriors Halves 2010 onwards


With Jones and Fien most likely departing and Witt having already gone where does that leave the Warriors next year.

At this stage it appears that John and Foran are not up to the required standard whilst Moon is still coming to grips with life at # 6.

What do the Warriors do?

Try and buy an established # 7 and stay with Moon?
Use one of the young guys?
Ask Fien or Jones to stay on?

This is the biggest challenge for the Warriors for 2010 onwards.


whats that guys name that played hooker for manly the other year but went to superleague when they signed Orford he would be a awsome player to attract to play at halback


Jones will stay another year, he's not that old... unless we have someone good enough to replace him, which I doubt.


whats that guys name that played hooker for manly the other year but went to superleague when they signed Orford he would be a awsome player to attract to play at halback

Michael Monoghan (however the heck it's spelt!)


Yes, this issue has been raised so many times recently and there seems to be a lack of willingness to acknowledge we really are back to square one.

We can all crap on about the potential of random 16 yr old's that people have seen playing for random teams...but at the end of the day, we don't have a single stand-out option.

Basically the hope is that Moon develops in to a young Darren Lockyer and can be our main play-making option for the next 10 years...when it's just not going to happen.

This is my solution: Take Steven's money and buy a half. This obviously sounds a lot easier than it will be to accomplish..however it's the only viable option.

Michael Monaghan would be a dream come true, however I'd take Tim Smith...even Carney would be a God-send (even if he is a complete dickhead).

We need a dominant half.


Why get rid of Price? Does anyone notice he's the one throwing all the money balls? In the Manly win, he puts Vatuvei over, and he puts Royal over. In this game, he threw two cut out passes to Ropati that put him into a gap. I'd love to see Jones, Moon, Fien or any other halves bring that sort of play out.

Sadly, Price is the best ball player we have right now.


i think joel moon is our answer to 5/8. it all depends on what halfback options are available for next year, and to be honest i dont think there is much.

id be keen on signing fein for another year which i doubt hed accept, and 2 years if really pushed. i just dont think there will be many options available on the market. all the good ones are signed long term. only a few weeks ago the roosters signed on pearce for another 5 odd years for 450k a year...thats some big biccies for a still unproven player. if fein leaves, id like to promote from within and only go looking for a good halfback who is proved.

remember how warriors were interested in getting head (whoops meant matthew head)...well he is on the bench for the dragons and pretty much unused...he didnt wanna come here last year..wonder if he will rethink that.

as much as id love a jamie soward type of player, i think we need more of an organiser i.e. kimmorley....oh and orford who is offcontract this year...

whether they are worth the money they would be asking for is another thing.

Magic Stick_old

I watched abit of Issac John last year..he would do something brilliant and then 5 shocking things. kicking game was average

Little bit ive seen of Foran is he is solid but does nothing real well,but probaly a safer bet than John,would like to see Foran get a run sometime this year in the big time

Fien and Jones will be gone in 2010...i would stick with Moon,he is only 20 and shows signs of real class

My mates that watch the Vulcans think Heremaia is more a hooker

So we might have to buy a half for next year, Whats the Hunt kid from the broncos 20's last year contact situation?,he could be stuck behind Wallace for a while


I wasn't suggesting we shaft Steven...this is assuming he's going to shaft himself, as far as playing goes.

But as far going out and looking for a ball-playing backrower etc goes...screw that, we need a half and we need him now/next year.


remember how warriors were interested in getting head (whoops meant matthew head)

I just knew that was going to happen one day....

All this talk about whether or not Moon is a good 5/8, Fein is a good backup hooker/half, etc etc... Pardon me for pointing out the screamingly obvious, folks, but this is just Round 6 of 24 - plus finals if we're good enough to be there. There is in my opinion no-one in the Warriors - except maybe Packer - who you could say is in tip-top (ice-cream, yummm...sorry!) form right now. To be honest, that suits me. I'd rather have Moon et al have to build into the season and really start to fire in rounds 15-16 onwards rather than the reverse.
Pardon my massive ego in quoting myself but:

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The official reason - To show their support for breast cancer awareness. Which is absolutely as it should be.
The real reason - To acknowledge that they can know what its like to be a total tit...


well judging darrons performance on sat i couldnt see him playing more than a year personally


7. Campese/Monaghan - I'd take either, but we won't get either.
6. Moon

☆ИITЯO ßOY✯_old

How about molding someone into a half? Someone like Hendo, or even calling up Shaun Johnson. Heck, why not make Lance Hohaia HB with Joel Moon?