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What team would win in a game?

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1st Grade Fringe
May 8, 2012
And the Final!

Please choose the team you think would win in a match up.

Also when judging players please remember their whole career and not just their time with the Warriors.

RynoWizards Rage
1Wade McKinnonMatthew Ridge
2Charnze Nicoll-KlokstadKevin Maumalo
3Ngani LaumapeNigel Vagana
4Kevin IroTea Ropati
5David FusituaGlen Fishiashi
6Frano Botica (gk)Michael Witt (gk)
7Stacey JonesGene Ngamu
8Russel PackerQuintin Pongia
9Isaac LukeMonty Betham
10Steve Price (c)Adam Blair
11Jacob LillymanMichael Luck
12Tohu HarrisStephen Kearney
13Leeson Ah MauKevin Campion (c)
CoachMark GrahamDaniel Anderson

Results from the Semi finals:


wizards rage

1st Grade Fringe
Apr 18, 2016
If I’m comparing player for player I have it 6-5 wizards with 2 to close to calls.

Great matchup. Fusitua vs Maumalo on the winged would be awesome. Pongia running around Steve price. Great stuff.

wizards rage

1st Grade Fringe
Apr 18, 2016
Ryno’s pinned his ears back and is charging hard.

Even in the forwards, I back my backs but I just can’t match your halves.


1st Grade Fringe
May 8, 2012
I think going first in the draft helps, you can snap up Stacey Jones, everyone else tries to snap up other halves. Then decent forwards are available for you at your next turn.
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