Taylor was seen as a future captain at the panthers while Ivan was there. The only reason he left was because Griffin wanted a different type of player (high impact ball-carrier rather than high work-rate tackle-bot) in the lock position.
That says a lot about both the Panthers and the Warriors. What could we do with two tackle bots? The mind boggles.
Do you think Doyle will want to expand this board? They'd get corporate box access and free parking at all of the home games. I'm keen where do we sign up.:cool:

It will be interesting to see if we hear anything about this advisory board again. When it was announced it was light on details on what they would be responsible for. The announcement has been pretty much over shadowed with the coaching change and the Foran signing.
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Henry and Kearney have similarities.

Henry in his time in Wales found himself and his wife unsupported once the great redeemer illusion collapsed.

Kearney at the Eels similarly was left by his board to flounder.

Both men achieved significant feats for their international sides.

The redeemer also got the 2 most highly rated union coaches in the world in Smith and Hansen to sit under him, the English bloke and cappy, eh…

Off topic but if Ian Foster is the next AB head man, that’s very much diminishing returns.

But Kearney has the right sort of idea, he’s the boss, set the attitude, these other blokes can run the drills. Which is probably cappy’s level, promoted before his time.

They should've created a board with money laundering expertise, that'd probably be more useful in the modern NRL.
Like I keep saying, all they needed was SGH and someone like Peter Sterling who knows the Australia rugby league system inside out and is also one of the most analytically correct minds on the sport alive. The warriors will never win an NRL prem playing NZRL football, it just aint gonna happen and everybody in Aus knows it. So getting an Aussie in to overlook the general discrepancies and give guidance on everything NRL would have made 100% sense. But its the worriers, sooo we hired a carnival instead.