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Jun 21, 2012
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Current market value is around the $400 give or take $50. Especially in big sizes like that.

Might seem crazy to some but these jackets originally had a RRP of $299 and that was back in 1995.

As with all collectables the market fluctuates but the one thing that has never wavered is Warriors Starter jackets. Just ticks too many boxes for 90s kids. They have always gone north of $300 and its been like that for well over a decade.

The fully embroidered logos that are bigger than dinner plates are amazing and something you are unlikely to ever see again. When they did the anorak retro a couple years ago I asked if they were going to do it but they said the cost of doing so was through the roof.

That particular jacket above is the rarest of the Starter general release gear but it's the more common half zip jacket that's a little more desirable.

There are other variations that are a lot rarer like team issue Warriors Development team jackets that command closer to $450 but the market for that level of purchase is very small. Collectors are out there though and the scene is growing very quickly every year.

If you own a Warriors Starter jacket then treasure it. It will only appreciate in value...


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Nov 9, 2012
I was having a sort out and forgot about some of the stuff you acquire over the years...
This was given to me a few years ago by the son of the chairman of Auckland Rugby in the 90s. At the time I didn't realise the rarity.


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