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It was a great idea and great game to watch, it should definately be an annual event. Both teams would be strong in a Pacific cup tournament.

The Stanley family here are Samoan and Chase has been reported to be the nephew of Joe I'm sure. Could be some Maori on his mums side I guess. Either way, I'd love to see him at the Warriors.

His Mum is Maori and related to Rangi Chase - hence the family name.


BEN ROBERTS! Or Tim Smith, yeah Tim Smith

Ben Roberts has resigned with the Bulldogs till the end of 2011. Its great to see him now finally developing. I still remember him gaping our A-holes in a golden point game I think in 2005 after we'd got out to an 18-0 lead, I remember Lancey kicking away possession on the 1st tackle to nobody over the dead ball line and the Dogs gaining momentum off it till full time, and then they all chased up on Roberts who was going for a field goal, he stepped, ran past half the team and put O'Meley under the posts. After that, his career stifled. This year he looks a million times better, Kimmorley's doing the organising and he's playing heads up football on the fringe of the ruck. Long may it continue, a Marshall/Roberts halves combo for the Kiwis has potential.