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Thats a spurious argument though. You may as well say we've signed Superman Spiderman and Adolf Hitler. Neither scenario is going to happen.

I was been facetious on purpose. The point I'm trying to prove is that if there is a clearly better person (in the coaches mind), why would you not grant a player a release/tell them they are not in the teams plans. I think it's terrible to force them to play for feeder teams, effectively stunting their growth as footballers, if not ending their careers. I chose those players because there's no argument that they're better than what we have got, that's all. Otherwise this would turn into a Wade v Hohaia argument, which is not what I want to get into.


The central question - either by club or by player - when existing contracts are broken or contracts are not renewed is: What's in my best interests now?

Take Joe Gualavo. Played back-up fullback for Matthew Ridge but obviously didn't kick on here for various reasons - pecking order I imagine being key amongst them. The Warriors didn't renew his contract so off to Sydney he went. Sounds like he had a tough time until he made the grade at Penrith in the second row. becoming one of the "Hair Bears".

Souths apparantly tried to make him retire but here he still is, playing for Manly in 2010.

Now, forget that the Warriors have second rowers for Africa. In fact, second row and prop have never been weak links for the Warriors (I'm talking purely numbers here). Has anyone at the Warriors ever looked at what Joe's become and gone "Damn! Second row? Why didn't we think of that?!"

You also take a punt on signing a contract that could potentially last the two minutes of the first pre-season game it took for your cruciate to major fail. Which puts you out for the season. And while you're gone, that pimply 18 year old's stepped up and the coach really likes the look of him and why would you change a winning team and you can see he does things you don't, plays in a way you don't but the coach evidently likes it that way and one day while your doing rehab: "Hey, mate, we need a chat in my office..."

It's all guesswork from both parties, ultimately.


I suppose the best way to release a player is to throw him into reserve grade and wait till he asks for a release. And then we don't need to pay his salary for the rest of his contract. Is this correct?

In some circumstances that may be the best way financially(although sometime paying part of their salary somewhere else may work out less then, paying their full salary till they decide to ask for a release). You have things like team culture to consider, plus the clubs reputation as an employer which can effect future recruitment talks with other players.

Being fair never comes into a professional enviroment
I don't agree. I don't think being fair is the top agenda of a club nor should it be.But i think at times clubs do some things to be fair to a person because they know that goodwill is part of what builds a healthy culture. Of course these are the exception and not the rule, but it does happen


Pretty happy with that article. I reckon the Toyota Cup is the best thing to ever happen to the Warriors. There. I said it. Now young NZ players have something to keep them in NZ, imagine if Toyota cup had been around 10 years ago, who knows what kind of a squad we may have had? Would SBW be here, what about Benji Marshall? The exciting thing is, we've got players coming through that could be posterboys for NZ League, Russell Packer ala Ruben Wiki, Ben Matulino hit merchant ala SBW and Kevin Locke the NZ Billy Slater. Thats ignoring players not other Toyota Cup Teams. Could be a golden era coming in NZ league, all thanks to the toyota cup


That article certainly highlights how poor our development and retention plans are...



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