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I just get sick of people complaining about shit and thought it might be a general consensus. I started the thread cause it was clear it was going to take the Recruitment thread way off topic so I cant help but take comments about it being a stupid thread to heart.

Sook Over...

I just feel if it's in the social section those that don't care ignore it and those that are capable of discussing more than just Manu's butter fingers can whip each other into a frenzy.


In a month when a major Australian Cardinal has been convicted of kiddy fiddling, and an Australian league star and noted Bible basher has tried to emulate Hannibal Lecter, I think it is time for people to question WTF they would want to publicise belonging to a religion like that. I follow a spiritual philosophy too, but it is my business and not for boring other people with. Just saying like.


Their have been Judges ,Police officers ,School teaches ,Engineers the list goes
On White ,Black ,Brown ,Yellow Male an female bad arses .Some people are just twisted
An have no thought for others ,Some are just malicious .some have no self control ..
But whatever group they say they identify them selves as Should not be condemned ..
I grew up in a church an didn't see or hear of anything like that .I guess it was one
Big babysitting club for our parents .But we got to play sports an run around with the
Other kids .kind of positive from my point of view .An I probably would have been better
Off if I had married a Christian girl an not smoking drinking an ....
Some people suck an some people don't .in all groups .
But its good to see they are prosecuting people .
An not covering it up . .Its something we should fight for .
An our western civilization is on the right track .It may look bad but
That's cause people are exposing it .an not pushing it under the rug .
Everybody has an absolute right to their spiritual belief, and everybody else has an absolute right for them to keep it to themselves. You might guess I have been bothered by a few god botherers knocking at my door lately. Creepy bastards.


I've got to say when they televise all the players doing the whole ' prayer circle' thing, it always makes me laugh and feel pangs of awkwardness.
Are they praying though? When I see the Polynesian boys on their knees occasionally I can cope with that, it seems just personal space time IMO.

I get pissed off when people start quoting the bible though. When I was a kid I think I read too much of that book, it is full of shite and says some terrible things. IMO under current law it could be banned for some of that shite.

Anyway time to leave this subject and I am sorry I started it.
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It's not prayer. It's the 'centered thinking' method Keiran Reid taught them. It helps them keep emotion at bay and re-focus.
Think he may be talking about the post match ones???

Good on them, stick to their beliefs and morals, the world seems to have no problems with two blokes peeling each other's bananas but as soon as somebody believes in their lord and saviour Jesus Christ fluffy bunny people make out they are terrorists. It is the non-chrisitians who are forcing their beliefs on others more and more every day with their hatred of God and Jesus. The simple truth is if you remove true bible believing Christians from society then you will have a very sick and twisted world where anything will go. Evolution is survival of the strongest, no rules, no laws. Take, rape and hurt who you want if it gets you ahead. The moral law is nice but it is not evolution.


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Do they come from the same church or churches
Be cause the Hamilton mormans had a few union players?
They must have some development programs an they stay
Out of trouble .I can see why we are fishing in these waters.