General Warriors 2020 Restart.

15 out of 18 games (if the border with Aus is closed through September) are at most a 90 minute bus ride from home base to stadium.

They get a preview of how life is for the Sydney teams.
It's a nice look at what we have debated about a lot. Namely the travel. A shame about the injuries.

Hopefully it doesn't back fire when we go to sign guys they don't turn around and say screw that I could move to Syndey as most games are a short drive away and I can sleep in my own bed.

The 8pm Friday games could mean we get our frustrations out of the way early. When we have had the late Sunday or ANZAC games it's a late night venting.
You know if the NRL gave the Warriors a $10 increase in the salary cap for every Friday 6PM Time/8PM NZ Time we've been "Given" since the slot began we could probably afford the 17 best players in the NRL and have a fair chunk of change to add to the playing staff cap...

Some sports columns have implied that the "novelty" of watching top-level sport being played in front of an empty stadium will get very boring very quickly. I have my concerns there. Normally I'm totally against "piped" noises/fake noises to create "Atmosphere" but it might be useful...Without any crowd noise to blend into, drums and banging will seem very much louder than usual (even if it actually isn't) and will become very annoying very quickly, so maybe just pipe in some generic "crowd roar"...

Would have liked to be playing the Roosters twice, but not a bad draw given the situation.

And of bloody course this Warriors Season Ticketer is All In. Apart from watching the league, there's a wooden spoon up for grabs in Fantasyland that I've got the perfect trophy cabinet for.
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Na, that looks like the starting lineup with the troops available.
It's either Beale or Pompey on the wing.
Green will never be dropped.
And the forward pack is what it is.
Still cant see where or points are comming from.
Vuniyayawa looks in good nick, gotta work on ball security though. Watched Warriors tv Thursday and ayshford was talking about more emphasis on Egan out of dummy half keeping them guessing with sniping runs and fast service. Hopefully he's had enough time to recover from his shoulder surgery properly. Hopefully Nikorima and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck can create with some speed and support play. I take a bit of heart that we competed with Canberra for most of the second game and heaps are calling them the benchmark. Looking at bits on the news and pictures at trainings it looks like green is doing a fair bit of coaching.


I ran into a Dragons supporter yesterday at the dairy, I told him they were going down, he just laughed and walked off. I reckon they are pretty confident.
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I ran into a Dragons supporter yesterday at the dairy, I told him they were going down, he just laughed and walked off. I reckon they are pretty confident.
I’m going to chat to a long time dragons fan on this weeks pod. I reckon there’s some similar issues at both clubs, might be an interesting chat. I won’t tolerate any cockiness though, will cut the mike straight off 😉
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I can imagine Jamie Soward giving that much of a shit about the warriors
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