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Jan 26, 2014
My question is if we get no more new signings an the same coach
How do you think we will be looking this time next season

Personally given we will have Roger Tuivasa-Sheck back an I don't see us having such a
Bad start to the season , If we'd won 1 or 2 of those early season games we'd
Be right in there ,
Another thing is as a club we've dealt with a few issues that shouldn't have to be
Dealt with again , Red bull saga an all .Konnie etc,,,
Third is our teams getting more experienced
So when I look at we are heading in the right direction
I'm not defending or criticizing cappy more about the whole team if it
Stays as is how will we Go?
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Sep 10, 2012
My question is if we get no more new signings an the same coach
How do you think we will be looking this time next season
Well.....think along the lines of the definition of insanity and you will have a fair idea bro.

We had a similar team, probably not the same roster, same Coach, different excuses and we were about the same place last year......

So, given that, one could successfully argue we are on an even keel or even a slight negative trend or trajectory.

Short version - if we keep Cappy we're fucked.
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Jul 12, 2013
Well the last few years have followed a similar path so as sad as it is to admit I'd say we'll be in a similar position as 2013-2016 close to a top 8 spot after getting a bit of a resurgence going mid season before tapering off towards the last few rounds.

Round 26 we need to win to make the 8 or possibly make the 8 depending on for and against and other results.
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pantera nhl

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Apr 12, 2016
if there are no changes to this team
next year will have the same results

Time to swing the axe at the end of the year
From top to bottom
personal maybe comfortable where
they are A change of scenery will
We will soon see
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Jul 13, 2014
Cappy will be gone and Doyle will get us the coach we need. Everything else will fall nicely into place and this team will be awesome...

Head coach with zero charisma and strange theories about almost all positions on the field didn't work with Elliot and didn't work with cappy either.

But a conventional coach, with a larger than life personality, will get this team humming next year.

I also think Manu's time on the wing is over. He's still got a lot to offer as a forward and I really believe that the club will find some sanity by moving him infield.
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Lord Gnome of Howick MBE

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Apr 30, 2012


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May 19, 2012
I think that Warriors fans need to be patient. And I know that's a lot to ask given the last twenty odd years. I also believe there is an element of unrealistic expectations and misguided views on how good or not so good some of our players are. It is going to take years to turn this club around and I believe Doyle and Cappy are on the right path. I think we are 2 and a half years in to what is a 5+ year journey. Our squad is improving but as people like Play The Ball have said its a mid table/bottom of the 8 squad at best. Yes, you can say its Cappys doing but reality is it is hard to get good players to come here without paying overs. Our junior development is improving and I believe the introduction of players to first grade in the past two seasons will pay dividends in the next 2-3 years. But, again, people need to be patient. Kata was getting bagged on here for not passing to Manu which apparently makes him a crap centre. Well, guess what, it doesn't and he's not. And he is still developing. People expect the finished product straight away and go off when their expectations aren't met. And Kata is one example. God forbid you point any of this out though because then you must be a hater, a non-faither. Let me give you some other examples of this. Shaun Johnson built up to superstar status on the back of him being able to do freakish things on the field but surely, if he can do all of this then controlling a game must be simple for him. Nope, it's not and you need to accept that because it is unlikely to change much. Tui being benched or dropped must be Cappy being an idiot. It can't be Tui having issues, areas that need work or attitude because Tui is the next Shaun Johnson like superstar. Manu butterfingers/QE2. Their is nothing new about his deficiencies yet every time it happens people seem surprised it has happened. Mainly because he went a game or 2 or 3 of near decent performances - generally based on not dropping the ball and having some big hit ups.
I guess what I am trying to say is that people need to have more realistic expectations. Sure, everyone wants their team to do well, but while fans build players up to levels that they aren't yet at, while they keep thinking that the squad is a grand final potential one when its mid table, when they keep blaming the coach because with these expectations surely anyone should be able to coach our 'awesome' team to a premiership, then all we are going to have is continuing disappointment when we get poor results. We will continue to have massive fluctuations in mood on this forum. We win a couple of games we are champions and we have great players that got the result. Lose a couple and we have a shit coach and a bro culture. I'm sure there are potentially elements of all of this in reality.

All i am trying to say is that if people realise we are building, our squad is improving, getting more experience and depth, our coach, while making mistakes is also making some really good decisions and changes. Realise this - when Cappy (even Elliot before him) too over the team we were a 3 out of 10 franchise. The only thing we really had was a lot of Jersey sales and some potential in the squad. Currently we are maybe a 5 or 6 out of 10 franchise. Definately more work needed but we are on our way. Understandably, fans want to follow a franchise that is 9 or 10 out of 10 and want that to happen overnight. It doesn't and it won't.

Keep Cappy, keep improving the squad which includes making potentially unpopular decisions like not resigning Manu or dropping Tui to NSW cup, keep nurturing the junior development supplemented by astute signings and in 1,2 or 3 seasons we will be genuine contenders.

Don't and we will be starting again.


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Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
My Tip. Don't bother watching until State of Origin starts and tune out after State of Origin finishes. Watch the Warriors any other time expect disappointment.
If recent history is anything to go by you should cancel your SKY subscription and only renew it after Origin but by Round 23 you should be able to cancel it again without worrying about missing anything. Might do the wallet and the head some good...

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