General Vulcans v Wentworthville


1st Minute: Underway here at Leichhardt with our first match of the day and after only a few seconds the Vulcans have turned the ball over and Wenty are on the attack.

4th Minute: sloppy start by both sides but the Vulcans have shown their hand and are looking to offload often and early.

Full Time (SG Ball) Manly 48 def Souths 6

9th Minute: Wenty on the attack courtesy of another Vulcans turnover however they also hand it over

14th Minute: a nice touch finder by Pita Godinet gets the Vulcans out of their own end. Both sides a warming to their task but no realscoring opportunities as of yet.

18th Minute: the Vulcans are starting to like the more likely as their expansive style of play is finding out the Wenty defence but to their credit they have held firm.

20th Minute: TRY a great off load by Armit puts Raiwalui away for a TRY under the sticks. Brad Murray converts and it is 6-0 after 20mins.

25th Minute: Wenty have dominated field position over the past few minutes and had another chance down the left hand side but good up and in defence by Kevin Locke shut down a certain Wenty try.

29th Minute: a towering bomb was too hot for Raiwalui to handle 5m out from his line and Anthony Gelling only needed to bend over and pick up the ball but he also knocks on. From the resulting set the Vulcans commit another error and blow a great opportunity to get their first points of the match.

Half Time (Harold Matthews) Canberra Raiders 12 lead St George 6

35th Minute: TRY a bit of Godinet magic leads to the Vulcans first try of 2011. Godinet eyes a gap 15m out, puts in a grubber and then the Wenty players attempt to cover it up and it spills loose and is dived on by Alehana Mara. Try converted by Kevin Locke and it is 6-6.

38th Minute: TRY another try to the Vulcans after Bill Tupou kicks a ball off the deck and Elijah Taylor scoops it up to score. Locke hits the upright with the attempt and it is now the Vulcans 10 Wenty 6.

Half Time well a couple of tries late in the piece sees the Vulcans head to the sheds with a four point advantage at the break. Far from vintage rugby league as there is still some rust out there, but whoever can hold onto the ball and complete their sets will likely be the team that heads home with the points.... Back soon with the second half

45th Minute: The Vulcans appeared to have crossed courtesy of Jeremy Latimore but the referee has penalised them for an apparent offside player??? Not sure but it doesnt matter now.

53rd Minute: next try will be so important here as the heat starts to take its toll on the players. Wenty have the ball 40m out and are on the attack.

Full Time (Harold Matthews) Canberra Raiders 22 def St George 18

60th Minute: drinks break here and the match is still well and truly up for grabs. Godinet and John look the most likely for the Vulcans while Joel Reddy needs more ball for Wenty.

63rd Minute: TRY a depth grubber by Waters sits beautifully for Troy Savage who claims his first try in a Wenty jersey. Murray slots it from near the sideline and Wenty lead it 12-10.

67th Minute: TRY the Vulcans are back in front after Godinet holds up the pass close to the line and then puts Gelling into half a gap which is enough for him to score. Locke converts and it is Vulcans 16 Wenty 12.

72nd Minute: have Wenty got a winner in them?? They have the class to do so but their execution has been lacking thus far.

Half Time (Harold Matthews) Penrith Panthers 20 lead Central Coast Centurions 6

77th Minute: TRY and thats the ball game as Alehana Mara bags a double with a bursting run from around 15m out. Locke can't convert but it won't matter as they now lead by 8 with only a couple of minutes left.

Full Time The Vulcans claim first blood in the 2011 NSW Cup competition with an unconvincing 8 point win over the Wentworthville Magpies. Alehana Mara and Pita Godinet were both good at times while for Wenty their captain Waters lead the way.



Wing, I assume from this line "down the left hand side but good up and in defence by Kevin Locke shut down a certain Wenty try"


Was named at wing also. I heard somewhere that Wenty is expected to do well, so it's a good sign they were able to win. Sounds like the Warriors players were some of the stand outs. Kind of hope Maloney is out for a week of two so John/Godinet get an opportunity...